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wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I have 0 luck with the stoopid flippin' NCT. Years ago I had a heap of crap diesel corsa. When I brought it for the NCT, they broke my handbrake but I suppose with a crap car, what could I expect?! Well now I am all grown up and I have a very sensible citroen C5 2006. Brilliant car. Due the NCT so did this last weekend. They broke my hydraulic suspension. The guy who tested it neglected to be knowledgeable in the fact that you have to maually raise the suspension BEFORE you put it up on the ramp. Lovely feature of this car. So the computer on the car basically didn't know what we going on and decided to shut down the suspension. Coulnd't drive it at all, had to get it towed to my local citroen garage on sat lunch time. They guys in the garage spent 1 whole day figuring out what went wrong, hooked up to the computer etc etc. A fuse on the main master board blew. All good, it was replaced. Went to collect my car but when I started it, the back suspension had a case of bad hiccups; it woulnd't stop going up/down. Called guys out again, a rear height adjustment sensor needs to be replaced and part ordered from UK. THey basically said all this was caused by the guy not doing his job in the NCT test centre. He should have known this fact about this type of car. I'm so mad. So cue very long detailed email to the NCT email address. I am fighting this to the bitter end. Flippin' 2006 car, I thought it would be in/out of the NCT. It would have been if not for this fact, everything else passed perfect. Stoopid NCT guy >:o( >:o( O:| O:| >:o( >:o(
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
sorry to hear you'd a awful time and the guy recked your suspension :action32 , as you are doing i'd fight til the end to get them to pay for all the pair work to your car....hope you get it sorted :thnk
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
My god no way thats terrible!!!! Your dead right there is no way I would let that go. Did you get any thing from the lads in the garage saying that?
aston Posts: 4100
Ah I would be like a bloody lunatic if this happen to my car! Oh my god have you got any response from the NCT centre yet? This is crazy! How much have you had to fork out to repair the car? I wouldnt be happy about this at all!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
did they say that they broke it? did they pass you?
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Well the guy who is over the service centre said he could tell them that he can be contacted to give more details/his opinion if needs be. I have been going to him with our 2 cars for years so we know him well and he is very trustworthy and honest. Well so far is has only been 88 euro but the new sensor could be close to 100 euro to replace. No reponse yet, jsut send the mail earlier this evening. No they didn't say they broke it at all. They didn't say very much at all. Just told me the suspension wouldn't go back up. The guy in the garage said they should have known this fact about this car. I spoke to the mngr in the NCT centre on the day it happened and he was saying to me that they deal with this type of suspension all the time. I dind't know at the time what had happened but knowing what I do now, my response to him would have been 'well do ye not know then to raise the suspension before you put it up on the ramp?. No they failed my NCT because of it. 'hydraulic fault'. No sh!t!!!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
oh my god thats is terrible, make sure you dont have to pay for a retest!
mysteriousgirl Posts: 783
That's awful. I would definetley fight this with the NCT Centre, but just before you do did you sign a disclaimer before they carried out the test, I think they only make you sign this when you bring a diesel car and I also think it has to do with the timing belt.