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Bee07 Posts: 628
seen a beautiful necklace in the design yard [url:1oloijqt][/url:1oloijqt] Its a Katharina Kolb necklace in silver and pearls but its €405.00 which is way too much any one see anything similar in another shop?
Picnic Posts: 921
Is this it? I haven't seen anything like it but hopefully somebody will have. [img:2evdmtel][/img:2evdmtel]
sunsparks Posts: 2196
It's beautiful - there's no way you could drop some hints for it as a pressie? I actually saw a cluster necklace on there that I love, so thanks for the link!! :o)ll I'll keep my eyes peeled for you, as I am looking for pearls as well.
Bee07 Posts: 628
that is it indeed.. I have emailed the girl who makes them directly to see what price it is..
summerhk Posts: 99
Have a look at the Eden jewelry website, Noreen does pearls and also custom makes jewelry for brides. Maybe she could beat the price! Her prices were half of what I was seeing in shops and other jewelry makers for what I wanted
Bee07 Posts: 628
Hi Summer Do you have that website? O-O
Lindtlover Posts: 54
It is beautiful, if you look at the Linea Raffaeli catalogue, there are some beautiful pearl necklaces ,very modern.
summerhk Posts: 99
Hello! The eden website is: I've been in touch with Noreen and she's great, and will try to accomodate any style you want!
wowzer Posts: 72
Just ordered necklaces from the Eden Jewellery site - there is some fabulous stuff on it. And I think she will make things to order, so if you showed her that picture she could well be able to reproduce it. Her prices are a little nicer than €400 too!!
Youagain Posts: 576
Try the girl in Rangoli. She custom makes up things and I wouldn't expect her to be that expensive. (She's also on that site by the way, so you can see the standard of her work).