Necklace - to wear or not to wear

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Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi there, Just wondering how many of you are opting out of wearing a necklace on the day?... I really don't know what to do. I have been told that I could definately get away with wearing a simple necklace and earrings even though my bodice is detailed and I'll be wearing a tiara and veil. I don't want to go OTT. Was thinking of wearing small drop earrings with tiara & veil but leaving out the necklace. Any opinions? Thanks a mil.
terribride Posts: 627
If you don't feel comfortable with a necklace I'd go without. I guess I'd have to see the dress to give my opinion but I'd trust your instincts on that one!! A fine chain with a single diamond type thing might look nice? Depends on the dress. HTH
karend Posts: 43
I toyed with this decision for ages too!! In the end I wore simple drop earrings and a crystal drop necklace on invisible wire which was subtle enough against my dress.
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
I was in the same boat as you and opted for no necklace. I had a very detailed bodice (there was diamonds in it) and it just looked to OTT with a necklace on it as well, I just wore really simple Diamond stud earrings and Diamond bracket and it really was lovely.
pluppy Posts: 3519
i think a necklace should stand out with a simple outfit so if your top is quite detailed i wouldnt go for it
hartley Posts: 826
I have the same problem lace & pearl detailed top to my dress and lace edged veil, so its either necklace or drop earrings, not both. I reckon drop earrings can look extremely classy if chosen correctly. I have seen a lot of over accessorised brides and it just takes from beautiful dresses
nettie07 Posts: 293
hi there, id go with the less is more theory, think its usually the best .
JB Posts: 467
The only way to know is to try the jewellery on with the dress.
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi girls- thanks for all your replies. I did try on a simple white diamond drop earring & necklace set and I know it sounds ridiculous but I still couldn't make up my mind!! I'm going to buy the set anyway as it's not expensive and I'm sure I could wear them again with a simple black dress or something. Anyway - I've got a feeling it'll be no to the necklace. You know what they say - if in doubt - don't! Cheers all! O-O
smurf Posts: 755
I am not wearing a necklace, going for an understated look with a flat pearl bracelet and drop pearl and white gold earrings. The top of my dress is "busy" for want of another word, a necklace would be too much.