Ned O'Keefe, total nutter.

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lux Posts: 6270 ... tml?via=mr I can post this cos I'm not in work-Ned O'Keefe is a class-a looper. He also refused to help a school in his constituency cos "That road didn't give me any votes". Have any wollies voted for him?
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
"So what if Charlie liked nice women and a few nice shirts." Grade. A. Nutter! Nice women!? Nice women?! THe only nice woman he should have liked was his WIFE! And a few nice shirts?! Shirts that he had to FLY TO PARIS to get SPECIALLY MADE costing thousands of old Irish pounds. THOUSANDS. While people and families struggled and ate Government meat OUT OF A CAN! Ned O'Keeffe needs to cop himself on big time. Though he probably won't, cos he's a loon.