Need a Maternity dress for 2 weddings at 11 & 19 weeks

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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I have 2 weddings coming up one in July when i will be 11 weeks and one in Sept when i will be 19 weeks and the one dress will do both weddings as they are totally different crowds going. I need the dress for the July wedding to hide my pregnancy as i will only be 11 weeks and dont think i will have my scan over by then so therefore wont have publicly announced my pregnancy. The wedding in Sept it will be public knowledge so i dont mind a bump on show. As this is my 2nd baby i have no idea how big i will be as im told you get bigger in subsequent pregnancys. I already feel big at 7 weeks my work trousers feel tight etc. Any ideas where to buy a dress should i go with a maternity dress or a size bigger dress?? The last time i was pregnant i had 2 weddings at 16 & 18 weeks and the dress i wore to the 1st wedding didnt fit me 2 weeks later for the next wedding i got so big so quick and sudden. This wasnt a maternity dress just a dress in a size bigger. A friend of mind is also getting married next year about 9 weeks after im due so i hope to also wear this dress to her wedding as it might hide my extra weight !
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I got this dress to wear to a wedding this weekend (i'll be 23 weeks and have a fairly sizeable bump) ... nts=Colour{1}~[blue]^category~[264526|208789]&noOfRefinements=2 it has an elastic waist and is nice and stretchy. I got it in a peachy cream colour and wore it when i was around 19 weeks and it was very comfy and drapey so hid the bump well. I had to get it in a different colour for the wedding cause i was afraid the peachy cream looked a bit too bridal! And it was only €34 which i thought was a great price.
sunny1 Posts: 995
I got a long fran and jane maxi style dress a size bigger than normal and I wore it to wedding at 19 weeks and wearing it again on Sat. It falls from under the bust so is so comfy and plenty of room for bump. I didnt even look pregnant in it at 19 weeks but Im after growing a lot in last two weeks but dress is still perfect.
marb Posts: 44
i was in the same boat last year and i just bought a maxi dress. there is normally plenty of room and should cover your bump at 11 wks.
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
I got this in Ted Baker & love it. Wore it to a wedding at 10 weeks & no one noticed anything. Its not a maternity dress but real flowy. Im also weraing it to a wedding at 24 weeks. bought it two sizes bigger than id normally wear as boobs prob wouldnt fit into my normal size at 24 weeks but it has detachable straps which held the dress in place when i was only 10 weeks ... pfm=browse got loads of compliments at the wedding :wv
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I have never had a maternity dress if i wore it at 11 weeks would it make my bump more obvious or hide it ? Please give me some names of some shops or websites for maternity dresses or maxi dresses.
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Hi Im kinda in the same boat as you.I have 3 weddings coming up and ill be 15,16 and 17 weeks at them.I tried on few differnt types of dresses not maternity but my boobs were spilling an not a good luck. Dorothy perkins,next and new look do mat but not much choice really.then there is mothercare and mama and paps.I ended up buying this dress in new look was only 33e and you can get it in black also.[img:2158lgz0]$prod_det_thumbnail$[/img:2158lgz0] Here is the link if image too small ... ind=search
jiminy cricket Posts: 56
I just bought myself a lovely dress in nelo maternity in Dublin. A bit spendier than the high street but they have a sale on at the moment so got 30% off. I'm 18 weeks now and there was a good range of styles, so some that emphasised the bump and some that didn't. I have weddings at 20,21 and 24 weeks so i wanted to make sure it would grow with me. I figured a non-maternity that might fit could be a false economy.
candypants Posts: 8575
The one ciaraella posted is lovely, and this would hide your bump at 11 wks. The maxi dresses i think enhances the baby bump.
Roxet Posts: 220
I'm Selling a fab purple dress from asos. It's on the buy n sell section. It's pregnancy dress but if I don't sell it I'm gonna keep it n wear after because it's just like normal maxi. Didn't fit for the wedding I went to n I got a fab non maternity one in Pamela Scott.