Need a maternity wedding dress

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Sumire Posts: 136
Hi all, As you can see from the tickers I'm now going to be around 6 & a half months pregnant on our wedding day. So I need to find a new dress, anyone know any shops in Ireland which supply them? I can only find some on websites but I'm a bit wary of buying one without trying it on. Thanks :thnk
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Sumire, First of all, congrats on your pregnancy and hope you have a healthy 7 months ahead. I was pregnant on my wedding day but was only 15 weeks so i wasnt showing, at 6 and half months you will most likely have a good bump. I had looked at dresses that might be suitable if i was bigger than i turned out to be IYKWIM and the only one i really liked that was suitable was this one but i dont know who it is by. It is available on ebay though for about €90 if you wanted to take a chance, there are loads of fab dresses on ebay. [img:2fdrcqtv][/img:2fdrcqtv] [img:2fdrcqtv][/img:2fdrcqtv]
Proud Posts: 5 This designer does wedding dresses for pregnant brides. There is a stockist in Drogheda called Frilly Frocks. This is their website. Congrats on your pregnancy. I have no connection to this business.
Sumire Posts: 136
Thanks very much girls, I'll check them out!
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Hi is this your first? If so, it's really hard to know what to do - I thought I'd be really big at 6 months but in reality I only had the tiniest beginning of a bump. At my dh's birthday in August I was 26 weeks and we went to a karaoke bar - I wore skinny jeans and a loose (but non-maternity) top and I don't think anyone I didn't know even realised I was pg.. but other people have a decent bump at this stage? That makes it really hard in terms of buying ahead as you really don't know what size you'll be? I'd have a look at something empire line that flows down and investigate lots before going specifically maternity as they'll more than likely fleece you for it. Maybe get one made so you can adjust as you get closer? Check out Isabella Oliver maternity too..
Sumire Posts: 136
Yeah it is my first, so I haven't a clue how big I'll be. My mam didn't show at all on her first but my sister was massive so I've nothing at all to go on! Really don't know what to do cos I'll have to leave it pretty late, I'm not keen on getting an empire line one though cos I really want to look pregnant rather than a bit fat. I know I'm very fussy! Will check out Isabella Oliver too thanks,
holidaygal Posts: 83
Congratulations! There's no real way of knowing how big you will be. I was very big at that stage and definitely in maternity clothes. I dont know where you're located but a friend of mine was 6 months pregnant when she got married and she was able to get a maternity dress. They didn't normally stock them but were able to order it in for her. It was from Dream Brides near Athy. Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)