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adelz Posts: 3088
Well girls, delighted with myself, have some things picked up for babs that I have seen reduced etc as time went on. In the start my mam was giving out I shouldn't be buying anything its bad luck etc etc etc. I got over this and did my own thing, bought when I seen good value etc and didn't mention it. So now mothercare sale started today and in I went. Having said that I didn't buy anything in it, just went for a look. Went home and was saying how disappointed I was with what was in our local one (as in what was reduced and not) and my mam just turned around and said for god sake you shouldn't be buying anything!!! >:o( I was so annoyed, as thought we'd gotten over all this and now she just back to square one about it all. I was trying to explain to her, there is 30% off the babs clothes, ie just sleepsuits and vests, which you need for hospital, and that is good value. Why should I wait and pay full price when Im getting a good deal now.....She was so uninterested and told me I should just be doing this a couple of wks before babs is born and pay whatever the price is then!!!! O:| O:| O:| O girls Im so annoyed, as I was so looking forward to all these sales and held off buying most of the stuff so myself and my mam could do it together in the sales and make her feel included....but she just has no interest! Sorry for the rant just need to get it out O:| O:| Am I been unreasonable??
lolabelle Posts: 3311
Those old wives tales drive me mad!! Stupid superstitions. As if buying the baby clothes before it's born can be bad luck. I think on the other hand that if, touch wood, anything did go wrong your Mum probably feels that having baby clothes in the house might be very distressing. Just explain your feelings to her, that you don't believe in these old wives tales. :wv
happy mummy Posts: 424
Well you're 27 weeks at the minute so I think you're right to be picking things up, I have been since halfway through my second trimester! Have you said to her that you want to spread the cost? That's the main reason we've been picking up bargains here and there. Also, make her aware that you never know what can happen ie, if for some reason you were to go into early labour (heaven forbid!) wouldn't you (and her!!) be glad that you had had the foresight to have things ready! Not to mention the fact that this is your first child (I'm presuming here, sorry!) so you're obviously going to be excited to buy these little things, as you mentioned sleepsuits and vests etc. I guess things were done differently when our mums were pregnant with us but these days the sensible thing to do, IMO, is to spread the cost!!
Luka Posts: 1904
of course you're not being unreasonable. It's not like you are in the first trimester! I'm glad I bought bits around the six month mark, simply because I fell, my ankle was in bits & my DS was in a transverse position, so I was on modified bed rest from about 30 weeks on. Of course I could have gotten stuff online but there's no fun in that! There's no need to tell your mam anything, if you are checking things out, going into mothercare etc. The older generation are superstitious, but you have to be practical too! Good luck :)
Luka Posts: 1904
Forgot to say at the ante-natal classes we weretold to have our hospital bag ready at 32 weeks. My SIL had her DS at 33 weeks (he's fine). So best to be prepared.
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
This wrecks my head also. What happens if you Are pregnant with the second/subsequent child. Is it then considered 'bad luck' that you've already got all the stuff from the first child? In the end I just stopped mentioning what I had bought to my dad as he was giving out also.
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks so much for the replies, I have tried to explain all that to her about spreading the cost etc. My dh is out of work for some time now and we have said from day one we wanted to spread the cost to make things easier on ourselves. I ended up in hospital last wk with a tiny tare on the neck of my womb, and that alone showed us how important it is to have bag ready, things can change at a drop of a hat literally! So that's why Im trying to get prepared and get these things etc etc, I was just so annoyed earlier, I thought she'd be delighted shopping for her first grand child with me.... :o( Yeah I think Im just going to continue with dh and not say anything to her, which is a pity. Thanks again all :wv Yeah I said all that to her about her having all the items in the house when she had my sis and she just said its on the first its bad luck. O:| I cant understand it cuz her sister is so excited and has clothes already bought for the babs and that, to me that is wonderful but Id prefer if I seen my mam excited about it O:|
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Ah dont mind her but I know its frustrating, thankfully I didnt get any of it when I was pregnant, I had absolutly EVERYTHING bought by about 30 weeks and had hospital bags packed by then aswell. I CANNOT imagine how you could go and buy everything after babs is born - well you couldnt could you, hubbie would have to do it and god knows what he'd end up coming home with :o0 Oh and "apparantly" it doesnt apply for subsequent pregnancies! :duh:
adelz Posts: 3088
Yeah that's what she was saying its only the first child :duh: it is frustrating to say the least. Have managed to calm down a bit now thanks for all the support :-8
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Just carry on doing what suits you, maybe she is just nervous, people get funny about these things. I know it's superstitious but some people do get weird about these things, especially with babies I think. I know when my friend was expecting, and her OH wouldn't let her get anything before the baby was born, I mean they had to stop in Smyths on the way home from the hospital for the buggy all they had was the car seat, and he's younger than I am! Keep buying your stuff, I will be starting as soon as I get to my 12/14 weeks, and I'd put money that OH's stepmum has started already!