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looey Posts: 624
Hi, I need to help my friend get a solicitor. Story is this! 3 years she had a lump on her breast, went to have it examined twice in UCHG, and did tests, she was given the all clear - TWICE. 2 weeks after the last all clear, she went home to Poland, where she decided to get it checked out one more time, and they said it was cancer, very aggressive cancer. She was put in Chemo straight away, and is now better, thank God. BUT MY FRIEND WOULD HAVE DIED, cause they missed the cancer twice in UCHG Can anyone recommend a good solicitor in Galway region, as she wants to do something about this!
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
I'd recommend contacting the HSE and HIQUA before going to a solicitor. Her case needs to be investigated and the best people to do this are HIQUA as they are an independent body. What is she hoping to achieve by going straight to a solicitor? Has she got her medical records, tests carried out on her, x-rays or ultrasounds, anything like that?
ellee Posts: 666
Anyway, you need to have actually suffered a loss to bring a lawsuit... Otherwise, she should ring the Law Society and ask for a list of solicitors that have experience in medical negilgence...
lexie Posts: 181
Just curious elleq2, how do they define a loss? What do you do if the hospital mess up and 'nearly' kill someone?? UCHG made mistakes when i was pregnant and it was incredibly lucky that my baby didnt die, i got both our sets of notes but havent had the strength to take it any further, I wrote a letter of complaint and didnt even get an apology as the doc who messed up doesnt work there anymore. But i am really interested that you cant file a lawsuit if you havent had a loss, -- interesting....l. Sorry for hi-jacking thread.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Anyone that feels they have been treated wrongly by a medical professional can go to the medical council.
ellee Posts: 666
a loss is just what it says on the tin - might be monetary, might be pain and suffering after an accident, might be a disability, might be post traumatic stress etc etc etc.... the justice system is a cruelly fair one at times... no loss no compensation.
kitten_77 Posts: 826
i'm not playing down the seriouslness of your sisters situation (thank god she was properly diagnosed in the end) but i would say this sort of negligence is happening on a daily baisis in Ireland, the health system is in such a mess. I lost a very good friend to cancel a few years ago, he was only 26... went to a million and one doctors, consultants, specialists trying to find out what was wrong and none of them diagnosed him. I believe its hard to take a doctor to court (which is what you would be attempting by hiring a solicitor). There are 2 legal systems in Ireland, civil and criminal. Criminal charges are not an opinion, and the doctor didn't break the law and there wasn't criminal intent involved (we have to assume). You would have to try and charge them with negligence, via a civil case. I think in the first instance you would have to prove mis-diagnosis.... and that would probably involve another doctor testafying that the doctor who saw your sister was wrong. Someone in the legal profession would probably be able to give you a btter on how sstrong your case woudl be. I agree with the other posters, the first step would be to file a complaint with medical council.... Have you seen the news coverage of the man in Ennis who demanded to meet with Mary Harney becasue of the negligent treatment of his wife who died from cancer a couple of years ago? I believe a case of mis-diagnosis is being filed following the meeting with M.H. Some of the background might be of relevence to your sisters case (is UCHG Galway? cause i think she went to see doctors here also, who failed to diagnose her).
looey Posts: 624
I think what she is looking for is recognition for what they missed, to raise awareness that this is a 1st world country with 3rd world standards of medical facilities! Doctors working all the hours god sends, cannot be expected to be able to do their jobs properly! The whole system has to be changed if we are to have a 1st world medical service. I think almost dying is loss enough, she has a young son who she would never have seen to to his 1st day of school, if she had not gone home to Poland and got diagnosed. And the list of what she would have missed as a result of the misdiagnosis is endless! Every second of a life lost, is a LOSS! She has all the documentation! 1st stating that she got the all clear twice in Galway, with xrays and letters clearing her of cancer. 2nd, medical reports dated 2 weeks later, and xrays resulting with putting her on Chemo! She has all the Polish documentation translated and have been authenticated in Poland. Will talk with Medical Council! Thanks Girls!