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River Posts: 845
Hi Girls, Firstly, Happy Christmas! I'm looking for some advice. My sister is just over 6 months pregnant with her third baby. The problem is that for the past week she has been crying non stop. She doesn't know why, it could be the time of year (her first husband died about this time of year 8 years ago) or could it be pregnancy hormones and thiat this is a normal stage? She had nothing like this on her previous two pregnancies and my mother never had anything like this either. She has us all a bit worried and we don't know how to help her. Has anyone experienced this or do any of you have any advice? Thanks a million
ginger nut Posts: 5989
Hi River and a happy christmas again to you and MrRiver2B. I'm sorry to hear about your sister...sounds like she's going through a bit of a bad patch at the moment. Christmas can be hard especially when we remember loved ones that we have lost. It may be a "normal" part of pregancy (maybe one of the mammies on the site will be able to help on this) or it may be due to more psychological causes. Can she talk to her obstetrician or one of the antenatal clinic nurses? I know this doesn't help much the day before christmas as probably everyone is closed except for emergencies. In the meantime, just be there when she needs you and be there for her husband and also for each other as you are clearly all worried about this. It's great that she has such supportive caring family who are looking out for her. Take care of yourselves and maybe after the holiday get her to speak to someone from the antenatal clinic if things don't improve.
River Posts: 845
Thanks Ginger Nut. I suppose I just wondered if this is a normal pregnancy thing? I haven't a clue! I did a search on Bach Rescue Remedy and apparently that's safe to use during pregnancy so I'll bring her some of that this evening and see if it helps. I called her earlier and she was trying to sound fine and then burst into tears the poor thing. She called back then when she was more composed to assure me she's fine! Oh the joys of pregnancy.
Lily9 Posts: 40
Hi River, have a google for antenatal depression and see if her symtoms might be explained by that. She should talk to her GP or obstertricuan about ti. Maybe if she realises there is a proper reason it might help her cope.