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Bubski Posts: 1785
Right I have had the quite possibly the worst day in work today. We have launched a new site and there are loads of errors on it and when i was trying to book stuff for clients today it just wasnt working and I was getting annoyed, I asked one of the DM what the story was - Got a reply of "we working on it" Then the problem was getting worse. I said to another DM "this site isnt working its a load of shite" Bear in mind I have been working here 4 years, I would generally get on quite well with them, its only a small company. The DM wasnt giving me any help - only starts screaming at me and I mean screaming at me :o( it was horrible - It was in front of everyone. he then made me go to an office and started screaming at me some more. and I couldnt even get a word in edge ways - Kept saying did i get up out of the bed the wrong side - I asked him to stop roaring at me and he didnt - I was extremely flustrated and frighted because of the screaming - and said under my breath oh for f**** sake He then told me to pack my stuff and get out. Which I did I was hardly going to stay there while my head was being ripped off. Now I am going to leave there - no way am i going to stay there any more. Do you think I should call in sick for a while???? My head is so sore with stress now and im not the type to get stressed at all. What do you think I should say and if you were in my shoes what would you do - I know i shouldnt have said the site was sh!te but in all fairness i have and we all curse in the office. My head is wrecked :o(
TokenMale Posts: 6845
I'd be considering a call to a solicitor, to be honest, especially if you have been "dismissed".
cloud Posts: 1662
OMG you poor poor pet, Im with Tokenmale...... solicitor all the way to see where you stand!!! Thats disgracefull behaviour!! Sorry Im not much more help just didnt wanna not reply!! I hope you'll be ok! x
Bubski Posts: 1785
He didnt dismiss me - it was just for the day, he completely lost the rag with me. if he was a woman i would have said he had his AF. This is the second time (scream at me) he did it and both times have been when his parter (Other MD) has been absent.
goldie. Posts: 1233
My god, Get outta there fast girl. Call in sick for a while to tide you over if need be. I worked with a boss like this for a year and it did my confidience no good. Put yourself first and get that bot-tot out of there pronto.
blablablabride Posts: 489
Oh my god thats awful... poor you..... You should totally take soem time off and get your head together.... Try to get a cert for the week........ chec out some employment agencies and take a look at what out there. Sept and Oct is a really good month for new jobs.....people alway start leaving jobs after the summer hols..... Just have agood long hard think about it... life is too short to be wasting 8hours a day being miserable or to be dealing with a**holes with little man syndrome........ :o0 :o0 Hope your day gets better
sunflowers26/09/07 Posts: 512
Oh god you poor thing, what a shock, like Tokenmale said I would get in touch with either a solictor who is familar with employment law or the department of enterprise especially if they have dismissed you. If they havent dismissed you and you ring in sick tomorrow it might make it more awkard to work there when you go back to you. If I were you I would write down everything that happened, get some advice, but go to work tomorrow as normal and see what happens then.
Bubski Posts: 1785
I dont think I could face going in tomorrow. He made a holy show out of me - I have been their longest member of staff and he screams at me like im a piece of sh!it on his shoe
TokenMale Posts: 6845
[quote="Bubski":jkcvg0ql]He didnt dismiss me - it was just for the day, he completely lost the rag with me. if he was a woman i would have said he had his AF. This is the second time (scream at me) he did it and both times have been when his parter (Other MD) has been absent.[/quote:jkcvg0ql] Oh he's undoubtedly under pressure, especially given the systems issues, but tough sh*t. He's the boss, he's being handsomely rewarded for such responsibility I'm sure, and if he can stand the heat... You were perfectly within your rights to ask about the systems issues, and even to complain if they weren't implemented properly. Personally, I'd still consider the legal approach, especially if it's not a one-off, but I'm vindictive like that. At the very least I'd be expecting a grovelling apology, and if it wasn't forthcoming I'd be out for blood. There's no way I'd back down and go meekly back to the desk tomorrow morning. I'd probably have to ring in and ask them to let me know when I'll be treated with sufficient respect for me to return to work, or some such. Jesus, my blood pressure is rising here just thinking about it!!
Shrub Posts: 956
I agree dont go back tomorrow, i certainly wouldnt. Let them stew without you for a few days, you are worth more than that. Did you get an apology the last time or was it all brushed under the carpet? O:|