need advice re:groomsmen

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fontenay Posts: 186
Hi girls, H2B came home from final suit fitting 2day 2 tell me that none of his groomsmen r bestman r getting ready with him the morning of the wedding. Theyv all cum up with crappy excuses like having 2 drive their partner r drop a kid sumwhere and will meet him at the church... Im so upset and angry 4 him. They didnt organise a stag 4 him r even fecking drinks and now he has 2 get ready on his own with just his elderly parents. He has a realy nervous disposition and will need the company. I just dont understand why we'v gone and rented them suits - theyr behaving like normal guests not brothers & groomsmen. Am I wrong? I will c them at the rehersal during the wk - shud I say sumthing?
Mrs2014 Posts: 151
That's so out of order. I would be livid if my OH was left on his own. If I were you I would definitely have a word with them. It is their only real job on the day!
fontenay Posts: 186
I dont even know what to say to them theyr that thick theyl just think im mental. The also range in age frm 35 to 51. No cop between them.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
I had to say it to my BIL that he needed to be with his brother getting ready - it hadn't crossed his mind how important it was. But once I explained it to him he got it. Sometimes some blokes are a bit thick about this stuff and need it pointed out. Hope that once you or he explains it to them they'll get it.
MrQ Posts: 1085
Put it this way. I'm the groom and staying in my own house on my own the night before. I choose not to have a stag as did my friend for his wedding. I will go to my mothers house on the morning but as the family are home from Australia staying there the place will be a mad house and mental. But in your case, OP, if your oh wants the standard traditional affair and they are side stepping on it he should be upset and call them on it. Simple as.
fontenay Posts: 186
Thanks mrQ - nice to get a guys perspsective - my h2b is very quiet and his brothers are all older than him - he's pretending he doesnt care cos he cant call them out on it because a lack of confidence - i think its shocking. Im also worried because the groomsmen are supposed to be decorating the church, guiding guests to parking and meeting/greeting at the church door with him but if they're not all arriving together... how am isupposed to trust they'll get ther in time to do that? who is he supposed to go for a pint with before the wedding? and how can i entrust the rings and MRF to the bestman when i dont know i can count on him either... so bloody stressfull! not what i need.
MrQ Posts: 1085
Tell your OH your thoughts on it and ask him to step up and to be honest if they don't start to show any interest then YOU light a fire under them. Tell them they have responsibilities. I know this because 1. I'm a Groom to be in 10 months and 2. I'm a Groomsman in 2 months.