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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi Girls, Just need a couple of ideas from ye. I'm a smoker and wish i wasn't but i smoke with the girls in work during our breaks. We're going to try for a baby in the next couple of months and of course i'm giving up the fags before then BUT.... i don't want the girls to be questioning me because please god if i do get pregnant soon i don't want to be telling people until i'm past the safe mark. i've always said that i'll be giving up the fags when i start to try for a baby after i get married but people are going to know straight away now and i hate that... any lies excuses i could make up???
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Tell them your doctor advised you to give them up asap? You could moan and complain about it, so they all know that's the reason, and so they think you're really not happy about doing it... Or, I know this is probably a terrible excuse :oops: but perhaps you could say you know of someone who is very sick from years of smoking and it's given you a fright and made you want to quit?
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Or you could say that you're planning on ttc in 6 months time or whatever but you want to give up smoking now, take folic acid etc. in preparation. Hopefully you'll be pregnant by then and won't have noticed!
corkrebel Posts: 744
or you could say that just for your general health you want to stop .... and also moan about the cost etc ....
Anonymous Posts: 24542
thanks for the advise girls
boobies Posts: 1625
say you were running up the stairs the other day and got an awful fright when you realised how out of breath you were.....