need dress for 10 weeks pregnant

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altavista Posts: 383
Girls I have a wedding soon. I will hopefully be 10 weeks pregnant. Can any one suggest a stylish dress that will kinda hide belly. ... family wedding so want to look good
lakecounty Posts: 58
Hi Altavista, I bought a maternity dress for a wedding - i was 12 weeks pregnant at the time with a bit of a belly. I got the dress from Elora Maternity - it is similar to the one below except the one i got was knee length. The colour is the same. I would be willing to sell it if you are interested. Its a size 10 with plenty of room. I should have actually shortened the straps but didn't bother :eek
wollysocks Posts: 1773
To be honest, at 10 weeks pregnant I would say you would look well in any dress. The baby will weigh less than half an ounce and be around an inch in length. Especially on first baby it is highly unlikely you will need a maternity dress. The vast majority of women don't show at all until much later. I think wearing a maternity dress will just draw attention to yourself. Just go out to usual places and buy any nice dress would be my advice. Just wear spanx or control underwear if you feel a bit selfconscious about your tummy.
babybambino Posts: 940
Agree with wollysocks, you'll be so sick of maternity clothes by 40 weeks it's nice to stay in your normal stuff for as long as possible. I wore one of my normal dresses to a wedding at 14 weeks and it was grand