Need fun idea's for what to do with my mum for Mothers Day!

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aussiebridetobe Posts: 122
hey guys my mum is really going through an extremely stressful time at present and im hoping to take her out tomorrow night (fri) n do somethng nice, just the two of us, with the hope to take her mind of all the negative stuff she has going on. I'm really failing to think of anywhere to go though?? i want us to have fun. i know if we go for dinner we will just end up talking about everything (trust me Not Fun) n as fond as she is of a drink, i think if we start drinking again the conversation will just end up focused on the bad stuff so please i would appreciate any fun and unique ideas. ps- shes mid 40's and completely young at heart and we are both living close to lucan thanks in advance
Asics Posts: 1935
How about the theatre or a show ? maybe get your hair done b4 hand that always cheers people up :wv
cheekychick Posts: 95
How about going to a spa in a hotel? I'm sure some of them open late on a friday evening... No talking, just peace and quiet and relaxation!