Need help dressing the boys pleaaaaaaaaase!

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bling2010 Posts: 535
Have picked out suits for h2b, best man, grooms man and the 2 dads. We will be hiring black tails with the grey and black striped trousers. H2b will be wearing a darker ivory (cream) waistcoat and cravat. Not a clue what to put the rest in. She suit hire shop recommended not getting cravats in the colour of the bridesmaids cause it is such a striking colour (teal). So do i put them in the same colours as H2b? Or the shop have a much lighter ivory waistcoat and cravat...i could put them in that. Kinda want H2b to be kinda different so he's known as the groom if you know what i mean...
ohsotired Posts: 7071
My BM dresses are royal blue so suit shop suggested we went with silver/grey ties for the men & cravat for H2B. Maybe you could put the lads in ties also?