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Lorenna Posts: 57
Hi all I need some help trying to find someone for hair and makeup for my wedding. Its not for myself and bms and my mother, we already have hair and makeup sorted for us as it was a wedding gift. However, my mother without talking to me or my groom first, went and offered my grooms mother to have her makeup and hair done. I have no problem with this itself, except the girl doing my makeup and hair wont have enough time to do another person too. So we need to find someone else. However my groom and I both told her she cant have his mother done and not offer it to his aunt and sister who will all be getting ready together (both really close to the groom). I also said that we cant offer to pay for his mother and not the both of them. So now we have to pay for all three..and its not something ive budgeted for and its not normal to pay for hair and makeup for all the grooms family. Also keeping in mind my parents arent paying for my wedding I am myself. Now my mother was talking to someone who told her we can probably get hair and makeup for 60-70 a person...which seems too cheap to me. However she was also told her she would probably need minimum four people for to get someone to come out to the hotel and do it. So without even getting quotes my mother offered it to all three of the grooms family courtesy of us, and also to her friend at a rate of 60-70 to make up numbers, and without getting quotes,and her friend accepted! Now im stuck with trying to source someone for a problem I didnt create and my mother doesnt see as her fault, and im coming back with quotes of 90-110 per person!! This is way too much for something we didnt even budget for to begin with. Does anyone know someone around the Kildare/Dublin area who we can get to come to Finnstown Castle in Lucan, where we are getting ready and do hair and makeup for 4 people for 60-70 pp? The wedding will be in March 2017. I dont mind if its not the same person doing both but Id like to book both together and not have to source two seperate people. Sorry for the long post but this is kind of stressing me out!!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Tell your mother to source them since she's organised the whole mess this far! Seriously you have enough to do, and yes that is a cheap price so it won't be easy peasy finding suppliers at that price who will come out to the venue. And I hope your mother will pay for it also! OK so it's an exciting time for all the family and she probably just got carried away, but as a bride I would be stressed out too. Sorry I can't even suggest suppliers at that price but the Powder Room Girls would have hair & make up as a package, and they travel to you - they won't be that cheap though (sorry) but I used them for hair and Christine Murphy was fabulous.
Lorenna Posts: 57
Thanks! Il try get a quote off them anyway!I know it would be lovely to get them involved but I would have liked to get quotes first before committing! And no unfortunately I will be paying for this mess!!
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
Rachel cleary (hair and make up by Rachel on fb) did my mil, sis in law and aunts etc before our wedding. She also did me for my hen and the day after the wedding. She is amazing and so quick. She does both hair and makeup so works out better value than two separate people.
micheleh Posts: 1
I have booked Reita from the Powder Room Girls. They have been brilliant to deal with so far, very prompt and professional. Have booked my trial with Reita for June - have yet to meet her but she sounds great over the phone. Would highly recommend them. In terms of costs for a director its €350 for up to 4 people and €40 per person thereafter and for the Elite Bridal team its €275 for up to 4 people and €40 per person thereafter. Tried to book Empower Bridal before this. Was in touch with them before Christmas and they had confirmed the day was available. Have asked 3 times since then where I can pay the deposit, called and emailled and they said someone would call me back, nothing so far. Decided I couldn't take that chance with them on the day. Very disappointing