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niamh_chinn_oir Posts: 70
Hi girls, I'm new to this so forgive me if the message is all over the place! We are trying to find a photographer for our big day; what we'd really like would be the normal posed shots and a bit of reportage but with a kind of deep avant garde twist - think lots of sepia and black and white, any suggestions?? Thanks a million
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
HI There I can only recommend our photographer. His name was Douglas Gray and he was super to deal with on the day. He was so easy going and wasn't in any bodies face on the day. It was a pleasure having him doing our wedding. You should check out his web site. and if you'd like to see a sample of our photos let me know and I'll pm u the details. :wv
lolly77 Posts: 851
Hello, Thats what l went for. I love the style of album. I got one big album and 2 med size ones and a few pocket ones too. Our photographer was super, she was sooo easy to deal with on the day. not imposing or anything. She does all sorts of work and stlyes. Her name is Carmel Williams. PM me if you want her number. Would book her again in the morning.
niamh_chinn_oir Posts: 70
:thnk thanks for getting back to me so quickly - I had a look at that website and their stuff looks lovely. We had considered Art and Soul, Double Exposure, KB Photography or Paddy Gavin - has anyone got experience with these? Any horror stories? We aren't having a videographer so the photos are really important Thanks again
away with the fairies x Posts: 392
We are gone for Rory O'Toole from East Cork Lovely guy to deal with and does amazing natural photography. Cant wait for him to photograph our day! Would def. reconsider getting a video though - loads of people say that you dont regret it! [url=] [img:wyidsaq5];10719;3/st/20100109/e/Our+Wedding/dt/5/k/4850/event.png[/img:wyidsaq5] [/url] [url=] [img:wyidsaq5][/img:wyidsaq5] [/url]
babybambino Posts: 940
We went with David Knight from, the service was superb and he does exactly the kind of thing you're looking for
mjay2010 Posts: 10
Hi We have gone with [url:epwzjsfm][/url:epwzjsfm] - his website is cool - we booked them a few weeks ago - their prices are reasonable - im thinking of upgrading to the album package as i just booked the cd at the moment. A friend has used grape from the north- [url:epwzjsfm][/url:epwzjsfm] - at her barberstown castle wedding in september they were also very good but very expensive, We met about four photographers not including the wedding fair guys - it just came to who we clicked with i suppose, as the photographers seem to me anyway to be offering the same packages and wedding albums. Just some start at 500 while some wont even talk to you unless you produce 2000
Rebelgirl29 Posts: 98
Hi Niamh, Really sorry but I haven't had any experience with any of those photographers but the type of thing that you are looking for is quite similar to what we had. We had David Rogers and he was just fantastic. The photos were just gorgeous and he was so well organised and everything that I really enjoyed all the photos while he was taking them and that reflects on the finished work. Best of luck!!!
marles Posts: 1397
[quote="jocasta":2psa1o2z]We went with David Knight from, the service was superb and he does exactly the kind of thing you're looking for[/quote:2psa1o2z] We went with David as well he is superb,he is the most professional and experienced photographer I have come across,he is very artistic but the casual shots he gets are fantastic. Have a look at his website but give him a ring aswell or an e-mail,he is so into his work.
tomD Posts: 60
Have a look at my webite Full details in suppliers directory. My style ticks all your requirement boxes