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007 Posts: 1462
i want to listen to a song on my pc and although i can find the lyrics, i cant work out how to play the song or a sample of it... anyone know how to do it? is there a website i need or what am i missing?? the song is rainy night in soho, the pogues....
jarashow Posts: 3083
Do you actually have the MP3 saved on your machine, or are you trying to play it from a website ?
Country-Girl Posts: 683
Hi, First of all have you got window's media player or any other music playing software. Right click on the name of the song, in you music folder, and go to properties. Click on [b:8tsl7jpu]open with[/b:8tsl7jpu] the selected program, for excample windows media player. It should play the song for, some music is designed to open with certain programs.
Trooper Posts: 2155
007 Posts: 1462
oh thanks a mill trooper, just tried that and it worked, only let me hear a snippet mind you- think i need to buy it to hear more??