Need help getting strapless bra?

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Smurfette Posts: 522
Hi girls, I need to get a good strapless bra for under my dress. I have gotton a few already, got one in Marks & Spencer, one in La Senza and one somewhere else (can't remember).....but none of them feel very comfortable. I am looking for something that is NOT padded and also is underwired but won't have the underwires sticking into me. Can anyone please recommend a brand or a shop where i can get these? Thanks!!
MrsSan Posts: 475
I got one in Marks and Spencers and it was perfect for the day. Try Arnotts ?
deem Posts: 710
i'm also having problems with a strapless bra, particluarly as looking for a fairly large size
Ettybertie Posts: 306
I think BT is probably the best. I used to be a big Berlei fan and then went in there and found a Chantelle strapless. Very comfy if a little plain.
Smurfette Posts: 522
Thanks Ettybertie, will try BT's :-)
Mrs NoDateYet Posts: 288
I have a Fantasia strapless bra and would highly recommend it. No padding and as far as I'm aware Fantasia are for larger sizes. I got it in Intimate Lingerie on Tara Close but I've seen them in lots of places.
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hiya, Good old Dunnes Stores do a bra slection that are not padded at all but they come with the multiway straps in different colours that you can also remove. They are underwired and give great lift and shape. They are about 16 Euro and you can get white, black or beige. Good luck!
Minxie Posts: 884
Be careful with the non-padded strapless bra as they can sometimes flatten your boobs. I had a thing about non-padded bras for ages as I have biggish boobs (38 D) and I have been through it all - but you should consider the moulded bras as they give definition and its not like padding for smaller chested ladies where theres a lot of padding, these give you a lovely shape. I have one from La Senza which is great and I've also got one from M&S. But chekc out Beneath in Temple Bar. They have been highly recommended loads of times and even have larger sizes.