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happywife Posts: 1575
well its the big first anniversary tomorrow - can't believe it - last day as "newlywed" old married woman now :o0 ... anyway thing is we did our big pressie a few weeks back went away for a lovely weekend and had a great time and said that was our present to eachother - and we are off to Italy in a few weeks hubby surprised me for bday - anyway want to get a few token pressies on my lunch to have for the morning as its paper I am gettiting him a guide book on Italy as we went there on our honeymoon and are obv going again and he loves to suss places out - but have drawn blank after that - any help and remember things that won't break the bank :-8 thanks :thnk
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Make a paper aeroplane for holiday too!!! you could try buy an Italian newspaper in Easons for a laugh!! cant think of anything good though
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
you could get a bottle of italien wine, then maybe cook a nice meal for him but do up a menu on some nice paper and give that to him? it won't be expensive and still going with the paper theme
happywife Posts: 1575
keep them coming - don't mind if its not italian/paper as have that element covered
happywife Posts: 1575
thanks for all the tips guys !!- still at a loss - never mind have the book so at least something to open - and heading out for nice meal tomorrow night