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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Boys names are easier for us as my husband is very traditional and wants to name a boy after someone else in the family so we have now got 2 boys names to choose from Michael or Sean Which do you prefer and why? For a girl at the moment we both like Emily. For our first pregnancy we had 2 names Rebecca or Anna. I have since had a niece called Rebecca so thats gone and im not as fond of Anna anymore. What do you think of Emily or have you any other ideas? I dont want a very common name something normal but not very popular is that makes any sense.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I know several Emilys and Seans (people I know with babies called that I mean!). Some names are just common year in and year out, and Sean is one of them, like Jack! I would prefer Sean to Michael though. I also think Matthew is lovely for a boy. I wouldn't pick Emily because I know about three little girls called that! Olivia is nice, its on our shortlist for girls.
Lenovo Posts: 122
Sean is lovely name. Also Emily or Emma great names, or maybe Shauna?
BusyMom Posts: 717
We avoided a few names when choosing for my son based on a multitude of nicknames! The two in particular were Michael (Mick, Mike, Mickie etc) and Patrick (Pat, Paddy, Pa etc). That mightn't bother some people but we just wanted to call him something that didn't have loads of obvious nicknames - I know people will get one or two no matter what you call them but we figured we'd avoid the obvious ones! Another thing we avoided was names that would be unpronounceable to foreigners. Both of us work for multi-national companies and so it's not beyond possibility that we'll be sent abroad at some stage in the future - after hearing yanks pronouncing some irish names (and we all speak the same language) we were put right off the very irish versions of some names. Again, not something that would bother everyone but it wrecks my head when people's names are mis-pronounced. If you don't want something too popular, check out the list of baby names on the CSO's website [url:jmivbo64][/url:jmivbo64] and only start reading from about #15 or something onwards! Love the name Emily though!! :)
Waiting24 Posts: 355
Sean and Micheal are such strong names. I have an Irish name and my dh has an Irish name so we'll be sticking with traditional Irish names for our babs. I think I prefer Michael (but i'd prob go with Micheal - the Irish spelling) Emily is a lovely little pretty name. Emma is lovely too. Don't worry about whether or not the Yanks can spell it or say it! They have such unusual ways of spelling the simplest names I think it would be impossible to make a childs name fool proof! Good luck with your choice!!
craigsmrs Posts: 341
I like Emily, but Id spell it Emilie. I Iove Emilia, If I had another daughter I think id call her that. I also like Norah. I have a niece called Olivia ACS and shes lovely, It really suits her, Its a very pretty name. I prefer Séan than Michael, because of the nicknames Michael could become. Sean has been very popular for years now, and there's more than one in my ds's class. I also have a cousin sean and a nephew so I know Loads! Other boys names I like are Daniel & Liam .