need ideas for tea for 6 mth old

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aperature Posts: 280
hi everyone, my little guy is 6 mths old and has been eating solids for about a month and a a half now and is thriving. im just stuck for tea time ideas.. for brekkie he has porridge mixed with either pear or apple. dinner is veg ( i haven't introduced fish or anything yet, waiting until 8 mths for that, is that right?) for tea sometime i give him banana or a baby desert. i don't want to give him more veg...any ideas anyone? i was going to give him a yogurt but just read the other post and didn't realize how high in sugar they are so would love an alternative to that. thanks girls!
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
If you get the Annabel Karmel book or look up her recipes online there are a good few pasta recipes that DS likes and courgette gratin is a big hit! This is what I do for tea anyway...
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
DD3 is bf and I started her on solids at 6mth and after a few weeks of tasting veg and fruit I introduced fish, chicken and beef. Now (7.5months) she has porridge or rice and fruit for breakfast, a little dinner (made of either fish, chicken or beef with veg eg fish lyonise, tomato chicken or beef stew) followed by fruit at lunch time, then at tea time she has a selection of veg and maybe some natural bio yougart or fruit.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
courgette gratin yum yum DS loves it try avocado and banana yum yum also
Emomc Posts: 2069
I used a lot of Annabel Karmel receipes and she states eggs can be introduced from 6 months, though I probably waited until 7 as did not wean DD until she was 5.5 months. She loves scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, egg in a cup etc. Eggs must be very well cooked and be careful if there is any history of allergies