need inspiration for flowers

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goulacullin Posts: 169
where can i look to get ideas for my bouquet etc. so much out there.
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
if you type "bridal bouquet pictures" into google, you should get a few pages of pictures. also try looking at florist websites, which will more than likely pop up under your search for above. hth!
Best of Buds Posts: 227
If you speak with your florist and have an idea of colours (ie. bridesmaids dresses etc) they should be able to guide you in the right direction as to what flowers would suit your requirements. Most florists would have a portfolio which you could look through and get some inspiration. 'Wedding Flowers' magazine available from Easons is good for ideas! You are welcome to pm me if you need any help. Good luck, Carrie :thnk
rosiedays Posts: 245
What "Best of Buds" said :) And also, has some fab images for inspiration. Talking to your florist is also a good place to start, give him/her the colour scheme and let the creativity get to work ! You are welcome to email me at with any queries I'd be happy to help. Sinead