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playabella Posts: 543
Hi there, My Dh loves that name Dualta (sp) for a boy but I'm not convinced, although I like the the fact that it's not very popular and it's Irish. What do you think?
Salander Posts: 1639
its growing on me as I say it out loud. I actually prefer it to most irish boys names!
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
how do you pronounce it? i've never heard of it before
playabella Posts: 543
Thanks Nyota - it's growing on me too. Minke I think it's pronounced Doo-al-ta I am also thinking of the name Fionn. If its a girl its Dearbhla Grace :wv
Toblerone Posts: 2698
for me it would completely depend on what your surname is. It is an unusual name so babs will probably have to spell it out. If you have a common surname, go for it. Otherwise I'd be thinking hard about it. That said I really like the name and Fionn too. Then again I have an awful married surname that has to be spelt ALL the time so i'm biased.
lastminutebride Posts: 785
Sorry, but personally I don't like Dualta. Love Fionn, though!
zoey Posts: 1574
To be totally honest I don't really like the name Dualta - I think it would have to be spelt out all the time and would be pronounced all sorts of wrong ways. I think Fionn is a lovely name though. There was a thread on here about Irish boys names a couple of days ago so you could take a look there for some suggestions if you haven't seen it already. Good luck with the decision! Zoey :lvs
playabella Posts: 543
Thanks for the replies folks. You made a good point Toblerone - my married name is a bit of a nightmare - pronounced completely differently to how its spelt. I think I may have to talk the DH out of it. Thanks again :wv