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MrsJenni04 Posts: 422
Morning girls You may remember I got a bfp last week and I should be due on 25th December, I live in UK with my husband, I’ve never needed to register with a doctor until now (never been sick) so I registered last week, I explained to the receptionist with an audience of a full waiting room that I’ve done a pregnancy test and it is positive, she explained I have to have make an appointment with a doctor which is next week and then she has squeezed me in for a midwife appointment the 14th May. In the UK you have to register with a doctor in your locality, unfortunately because I didn’t have a doctor this is how long it will take. I’ll be nearly 7 weeks by the time I see the midwife, which is a bit daunting. Anyway to make a long story short, I’m going on a hen party to Spain, I’ll be about 8 weeks then, I’m really worried about morning sickness, I’m not too bothered about the drinking thing because I’ll be able to hide that, they are all bringing their bikinis so I’ll have to see about that. Then I’ve got the same girls wedding at the start of July and I’ve bought the dress already, do you think I’ll be showing by then, sorry if I sound naive. Me and hubbie don't really want to tell people until we have to to, he's best man at the wedding so we don't really want to steel their thunder. I just hope to god when I do see the midwife that she doesn’t tell me I’m not pregnant. :eek Cheers Mrsjenni04 :wv
deem Posts: 710
you can go to a family planning clinic in uk and they will confirm the pg I'm not sure what theyre called in your location, but I went to abacus in the past in liverpool. They can confirm pg and discuss your options and what to do on maintaining a healthy pg. You can sort out the doctor at same time. PS congrats
luigi Posts: 867
Hi Jenny, Will you only be 7 weeks along when you see your midwife? Im in NI, so we are similar and although I saw my gp at 6 weeks, I didnt actually see the midwife until 10 weeks and thats perfectly normal even though I worried at the time (they dont see you in the first weeks of BFP unless you're high-risk) I think you'll be absolutely fine at 7 weeks, in fact thats earlier than loads of other people have. As for morning sickness, you could be slap bang in the middle of it by the hen party, but lots of women dont get it at all. There are loads of things you can do to ease it and there are a few good suggestions on other threads. I think the travel sickness bands for your wrist are great for nausea, and also there are these sweets called "Preggie Pops" that have anti-sickness properties. some women swear by them and they would be really handy for travelling. You might not be showing too much by July, but a lot of us had bloated tummies in the early days of pregnancy so if your outfit is tight it might not be all that comfortable but on the other hand you might not be showing at all! Enjoy your hen party and wedding :wv
MrsJenni04 Posts: 422
Thanks a mill for your words of wisdom, you've reassured me alot. I might have a look at some of those anti-sickness just in case I get a bad dose while on the hen party. Thanks again Mrsjenni04 :wv
jenny.s Posts: 25
in ireland when you find out you are pregnant you usually visit your GP who will start your pregnancy chart take blood pressure etc. Fairly routine. You dont have your first scan until 15 weeks. Thats completley normal so no need to worry. The first 25 weeks of pregnancy are very annoying cause you don't really see anyone so it drags
twinssep Posts: 1242
hi there i had my 1st dd in the uk and was there for the 1st 16 weeks on the twins as far as i can remember i got my preg confirmed with doc and didnt see midwife til around 8 9 weeks i saw her for my whole pregnancy and only went to hosp for scans its a great system when u have baba the same midwife will come to ur house for a few weeks hth
sally Posts: 1140
Congrats Mrs. Jennie, its a pity things are so up in a heap with your doc, im eight week pregnant and just went to doc when I found out, she didnt do a test or anything just took my word for it and sent a letter to the hospital. I dont see the midwife for another three weeks so not so different to your situation although it would be nice to see someone sooner there really is no point. As for the hen you should be ok in you bikini, my tummy is only getting round now but wear plenty of sunscreen as you may burn easier, get a tankini if that feels more comfy. You may not get MS, I didnt but just take it easy, not too much shopping and more lounging if possible, I find the more I try do the sicker I feel. As for july you will prob be showing a bit at that stage depending on your build but it depends on the outfit really, some things make me look pregnant already and some things dont, someone even said I had lost weight in one outfit. Well congrats again, hope this helps and good luck with your pregnancy.
MrsJenni04 Posts: 422
Thanks again girls for your advice, feel a bit better knowing that this is quite normal.