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cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
Hi Girls I cant believe im finally joining you all on this forum found out last Thursday that we are expecting our first baby Both of us are in shock was very unexpected and unplanned but we are happy too going to take awhile to sink in i think I have very irregular periods always have done so we have no idea when i conceived doctor thinks im about 6 weeks judging by my symptoms but said that i would need a scan to determine exactly he gave me a letter to send to Holles Street asking them for as early an appointment as possible, i rang the hospital on Friday just to explain all this and ask whos attention the letter should be for and they were so rude to me they kept asking the date of my last period which was August and then saying they couldnt take me cause im over 16 weeks gone which isnt true eventually they started listening to me and told me to send in the letter from the doc and they would get back to me. Has anyone else any experience of this im quite anxious to get a scan and get the pregnancy dated and make sure everything is ok would you recommend paying for an early scan ourselves before the hospital am absolutely clueless
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
Hi congrats God that's terrible I'd consider going to another hospital if I were you... People in the rotunda have never been rude no matter how silly the Q. Anyway yes I would rec going for a private scan you wil then b sure of ur dates Would ur Gp not write to the hospital for you? Why do you have to write in urself. I only had to call the rotunda for my app and app was in my post the v next day I thought ur Gp would arrange ur early scan if its thought u need one Sometimes they refuse early scans unless there is a problem so to save any hassle if it was me I'd book into a baby scan or something. Well worth €100 Best of luck * just seen ur dr did give u a letter :-) anyway if still go for a private scan x
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Oh that's terrible Cheekywife! Could you get a private scan - it's about 95 eur for an early pregnancy scan. Otherwise, I just say. When was your last period: I don't know. I'm not sure, I wouldn't like to guess.
MsChat Posts: 270
Hi Cheekywife, Like the hospital said - just send on your letter from the doctor. I also have irregular cycles so i know it can be frustrating. We might be able to help you figure out your dates though if you answer these: -What dates [u:3u2xb4ff]do[/u:3u2xb4ff] you have? Your LMP was in August - what date? -What date(s) did you do a test? -What made you do a test - anything symptom in particular? -When you did a test did you do the type that tells you how many weeks you are? If so what did it say? These only go as far as 5 weeks so don't depend on it now. -Do you remember if you had any cramping at all in the past few months? -What symptoms do you have now? :)
bumble Posts: 1980
I have been in similar situation and they can't think outside the box it's ridiculous. I learnt to just make up a date. If I were you I would make up a date of 12 wks ago then they will adjust their records once your scan dates it. Congrats!
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
Thanks for all the replies girls am very new to all this so am trying gleam as much info as possible Was just so frustrated by the hospitals attitude MsChat, my last period was 21/08, did a clear blue digital test and it came up 3+ also did 2 of the clear blue plus ones and the plus sign came up straight away on both Didnt have any obvious symptoms was on holidays at the end of november first week of december and i got what I thought was my period while we were over there although i didnt have any cramping and it was very light and brown only lasted for a few days doctor said that this could have been breakthrough bleeding? In hindsight while we were away i was really off my food and really strong smells made me feel a bit ill but i was never sick, this week iv felt pretty nauseous most days but havent been sick and my legs were really itchy and thats what made me test cause when i googled itchy legs loads of stuff came up about it being an early pregnancy symptom feel quite bloated aswell I see there is a private scan place in Swords but they say that they recommend waiting until you are 8 weeks before going into them may just book one for the first week of Jan
MsChat Posts: 270
What date did you do the clear blue digital & other tests?
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
last thursday 13/12
MsChat Posts: 270
Dates we know: LMP 21/08/2012 3+ BFP 13/12/2012 Conceived more than 3 weeks before this - you were at least 5+ on this date Light brown spotting - was it week 1 of holls? 28/11/2012 Light brown spotting - was it week 2 of holls? 05/12/2012 Nausea 10/12 to 17/12 Nausea can start from as early as 4 weeks Based on your 3+ the latest date for conception is: 22/11/2012 Assuming your spotting was implantation bleeding then ovulation date was: 1st week 14/11/2012 2nd week 21/11/2012 So very roughly you are either (depending on if you can remember which week of your holls you had your spotting): 1st week Almost 7 weeks 2nd week Almost 6 weeks Given that you were definitely 5+ on the 13th of December I would say you are closer to 7 weeks.
MsChat Posts: 270
If you could remember exactly which days of your holidays you had the brown spotting that would help. If I were you I'd book a private scan for xmas eve - you will be another week on then and it will be a lovely xmas announcement for you and your family! :)