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Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I know it's a little early but h2b and I are planning to have our housewarming at Halloween and being the hostess I'd like a fab costume. H2b is dressing as ironman (he is a big child). I'd like something that people say wow that is fab or so funny etc. I am plus size (but can wear short skirts or at least adapt a short skirt). It needs to be practical as well so I can serve people etc. I don't mind spending a bit of money on a good costume. Any help appreciated please. What was the best costume you ever saw????
niftythrifty Posts: 256
The best female costume I ever saw was the queen of hearts. So much effort went into it, was a combination of shop bought costume and extra home made effort. Was out of this world
Mad Mod Posts: 1079
Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan was the last fancy dress that made me go wow. A great excuse to wear dramatic make up! Does Iron Man have a girlfriend?!
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Thanks girls. I've seen the queen of hearts costumes and they look great. Was it the full length of mid length. What kind of extras did she add. I'll look into the black swan one. Ye there is two women in iron mans life. One is pepper Potts who just wears a suit. The other is the black widow and is in a skintight PVC bodysuit not a look I could pull off lol. Few others to but also in skin tight bodysuits
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
I love fancy dress parties. Just wondering do you have a theme because that might narrow down what you could do, personally when its halloween I always do scary, I know most people now buy costumes and some are funny and happy and kind of light and humerous, but my circle of friends hold many theme parties so when its halloween we go in scary costumes. I remember getting caught short one year, we were going up north to antrim and I didn't realise we were going to a fancy dress party till we got up there, I had nothing organised was raging. I only had a black lace dress with me for going out, and I was thinking great I'm going to have to go as a witch how original, anyway I was like how am I going to make this look like I made an effort. went down to the local shop, they had really crappy costumes but I managed to pick up a pair of fairy wings neon pink, not very scary, but were really big and had a lovely shape to them, I picked up some spray paint in midnight blue, black, purple and silver, popped into the charity shop to find some lace trimming off old clothes, while I was there found a long pair of satin gloves like for a debs or something, a little trip to ballymena and got a dunnes so picked up some gothic style jewellery. and then managed to get a purple wig. Got online looking for some inspiration, decided to try to make a dark angel/ fairy costume but a good one if you know what I mean. I came across this website and thought some of the elements were class and decided to combine a few ideas its pretty dark stuff not really like me but at the same time it gave me a few ideas I decided to use the dripping eye make-up look the mad hair : i back combed my purple wig I also used the crown of thorns and roses by getting foliage from the garden and a small bunch of roses, sprayed them black and intertwined a grey string of fake pearls which i sprayed purple through the crown of thorns the charity shop gloves were tatted up and sprayed and fragments of lace gothic brooches were attached i used safety pins to make my empire lace dress more fitted and puffed up Spray painted the wings midnight blue, purple ,black and silver, then got some cardboard and cut out extended shapes for the wings to give them a more polished look, painted these black, I smelt of paint the whole night as the costume needed to dry so if you made it sooner you'd be a lot more comfortable. either way, making your own costume allows you make something more original that someone else wont have. there are pics somewhere on someones camera but i dont have them, but I was really happy with how it turned out.
R2theB Posts: 1660
The best fancy dress costume I ever saw was a girl dressed up as a dead woman from World War II ... she had her hair in a victory rolls, the garrison cap, army uniform, gabardine skirt etc. Think the lady on the right in attached pic, then she gave herself bulletholes in the forehead and neck and covered herself in blood. It was absolutely AMAZING!!
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
A really good one I've seen people dress up as is Cruella DeVille - homemade, not shop bought with the hair dyed half white etc. (would only work if you had dark hair which I don't) but you could do either or. Very dramatic looking but with a bit of pizzazz with the split in a long skirt/dress etc.
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
the corpse's bride is really cool aswell, might be another chance to wear your wedding dress!!!! although it would be wrecked. R2theB thats so graphic, I can actually see the bullet holes in her head now!
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Thanks girls. Some great ideas. We've no theme as the party last year had a theme (witche's and wizards) and it restricted everyone so were giving free reign but I do agree I prefer scary at Halloween, I have been a goth/spider fairy/witch for the last few years so sonething different will be fun. Like the ww2 one very different. Don't think I'll be using My wedding dress for corpse bride but might have a look out for a cheap dress would tie in nicely lol
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
This mightn't be what you're after but it might give someone else some ideas sure. A girl I know went to a fancy dress party dressed in a slinky blue satin slip. She wore around her, as a sash, a home made sign with the word 'Freudian' on it. She was a ... Freudian slip!! Easy and simple but funny too. Not very scary or Halloween'ey of course.