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lisag32 Posts: 8
Hi Ladies, my name is Lisa and I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. As a mum to 2 babies I know how diffcult the first few weeks & months can be after having a baby both emotionally and physically. What struck me in the weeks and months after having my first baby was the many conflicting emotions I felt. Whilst I was overjoyed at being a mum, I was also overwhelmed & terrified as what was ahead of me. I was hesitant to speak to friends and family as I really didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t coping well. What I am offering is to call to the homes of any mums who are having these or any other feelings and offer emotional support as a qualified Counsellor and practical support as a mum of 2. I am also available for general Counselling & Psychotherapy. Please call me on 0878282850 for more information.
lisag32 Posts: 8