Need to cover bingowings!!!

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lorrainekir Posts: 37
I've ordered a strapless wedding dress, but am worried about my bingo wings. I have ordered extra fabric to make a balero or something, has anyone suggestions as to styles cos i haven't seen much i like? Also i've just seen a really nice lace jacket type thing on internet but don't know where i can get it. It's on, would put up photo or link if i knew how to do it!!!! It's calles Dulcina Jacket so if anyone has seen it in bridal shops in ireland can you send me a quick message, i would need a 12/14 prob a 14 cos of loose skin after loosing weight, God i hate my figure!!! Thanks
whoop Posts: 1310
When ur a size 12 - 14 I doubt your "bingo wings" are too bad hun!!! A friend of mine hated her arms and had a sash made to cover the tops of them on her wedding dress. Basically it was attached to her dress and went over the tops of her arms and dipped at the back - gave an illusion of being an off the shoulder dress. This was detachable so she took it off in the evening - was like a different dress!
lorrainekir Posts: 37
That sounds like a good idea, and i have the material ordered. Thanks.