Need to get my wedding video edited! Help?

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kerrybridetobe16 Posts: 44
Hi all, To save money we recorded our own wedding video. Now we have hours and hours of footage and I'd like to get a professional to edit it to make a nice video for our anniversary. Do you know of anyone you would reccomend for this? I did a bit of googling but it didn't really help me out so any reccomendations would be really appreciated!
Ciaranoc Posts: 2
Hi, did you have any luck with this..?
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
What about college students who could do it for their course?
Donna Kelly Posts: 5
Have you tried outsourcing companies. I had an old photo that had become badly faded and had 2 rips in it and i got cravy quotes. I eventually found outsourcing india i think it was but if you google outsourcing wedding video editing id say you will get some. because you have hours and hours of footage thats going to be the most expensive part going through all that. It might be worth getting video edditing software and going through it yourself and then when you have the stuff you dont want in it get a company to just tidy it up and put the finishing touches to it. I also love the idea of getting onto colleges and seeing would students be interested in doing it thats a fab idea.
SpringChicken87 Posts: 14
Have you tried doing it yourself? Save more money! You can get HitFilm for free and it is easy to use and guides online and if your do want extra stuff added to it you can just pay for cross overs and Add ons.
lotuslove Posts: 1
O:o) Cool idea to record your own video , I suggest learn some basic editing its really easy and in that way you can cut out the parts of the video you don't want and edit the way you like it , If you have a Apple computer you can always go down to the Apple store and they have free classes on I movie ect . O:o) Good luck try and see it as a learning adventure
Richard Gavin
leavesfall Posts: 19
Hello! We will have our Wedding Day at the end of January. And I'm looking, somebody, who can make a good little film about us and make it on a high level. Did you take your one from here [url:2su4akc0][/url:2su4akc0] or no? If it's not, please, write me your recommendation. Thank you