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babybud Posts: 58
hey Just found out last week we're pregnant.. I'm totally clueless & don't really want to tell anyone just yet.. so I've made my apt with doctor today to confirm so just a few questions to get me started. do I need to start taking prenatal vitamins if so which ones are best? I'm in the limerick area (which I dont know too well) so any recommendations on consultants ( can you pick your own)?? and anything else I need to know for now would be great thanks a mil O-O
baba2010 Posts: 247
Hi Babybud. First off Congratulations! That's great news. The first thing you probably need to do is go to your GP to have the pregnancy confirmed (some GPS will ask you to take a test, or do a blood test, some will just take your word for it if you are sure). He/She is then best placed to advise you on options - ie, Public / Semi-Private / Private care. I am based in Dublin, so I know the options here but am not 100% sure what the options are for Limerick. Regarding vitamins - best to hold off on taking anything until you speak with your GP, although most women would be taking Folic Acid at this stage (I know I was on it for a few months before I got pregnant) so probably no harm in you starting this ASAP - but if you prefer to check with your Doc first then do so. Try to get an appointment for sooner rather than later and CONGRATS again!!! :babydust:
eel27 Posts: 153
Aw congratulations on your news!! It's such an exciting time!! I am going to my GP this evening too to get everything confirmed on baba #2!!! Your GP will tell you everything you need to know at this stage, but don;t be afreid to ask any questions that you have, however silly they may seem!! I'm sure he/she is well used to it!! If you are not already then he will tell you to start taking folic acid for the next few weeks (until you are 12 weeks I think!) Not 100% Anyway congrats on your brill news, sorry I'm not much help but just wanted to pass on my good wishes. Hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months! XX :babydust: :babydust: