Need to lose 2 stone quickly

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi girls I desperately need to lose 2 stone or I will just be a huge slapper for the wedding. It's really depressing me. I have tried WW and while I was successful in the past (lost 2.5 stone) it just doesn't seem to work for me now. I started personal training sessions 3 times a week but have no energy or motivation to do any additional exercise. I have no willpower whatsoever. i thknk there is something fundamentally wrong with me that I just don't really want to lose the weight, even though I do - but then why can't I? Does anyone know of a more psychological approach to weightloss that might work? I know everything I should be doing, but I just can't seem to do it. Wedding is October. Thanks girls...
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
I know exactly where you are coming from. I'm the same. I know I need to lose weight and exercise but its like its too much effort & I can't get into the right mind frame for it. I was looking at another thread about using hypnotherapy to lose weight. It's supposed to be be great at giving motivation as well - which I totally lack. I'm seriously considering it myself because I have to do something!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi Easytiger I wonder would hypnotherapy work? I did buy Paul McKenna's book last year but I couldn't see any use out of it and thought maybe I am one of those people who can't do hypnosis or something. I really need to try something radical. The "eat less, move more" thing that skinny people keep lecturing you on is fine and grand, and we all know it makes sense, but what if you just can't? O:|
jennyvau Posts: 187
Hi Girls There's a thread that was set up by happybride2be called "So much to lose" on Old Faithful all about weight loss - some good advice there!!!
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
I got the Alan Carr book on losing weight and got a quarter the way though and gave up. I just don't think those idea's travel well in books! I went for a hypnotherapy session about 2 years ago re my weight 'issues'! But I was just back from a year in Oz (the year that ruin my waistline!) and I had zilcho money so never went back. I really think it can work. I remember coming out so positive afterwards and I had such good intentions which lasted a month or so. But I know I would need several sessions to sort myself out, the guy even told me so - some people only need one. Thats it, I'm gonna do it!
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
i lost a stone and 1/2 doing acupuncture if that heps and in a relatively short time too.
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
i dont know what your diet is like but if you are doing exercise 3 times a wk that should be doing the trick for you one or two things to cut right out of the diet before the wedding are all things potato or based rice pasta processed carbs with lots of sugars etc rubbish like crisps etc i missed these like mad when i did it first but really started seeing results and the old eating loads of fruit and veg and lots of water! hth best of luck
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks all My diet is ok sometimes and terrible others, and I have a really sedentary job (just glued to desk all day long; only exercise I get is walking 20 steps to meetings a few times a day!) so I don't think the exercise x 3 is enough. I must read those other threads and see what's up. Thanks!
emjane Posts: 4
You should check out simon lear. He's a personal trainer (mobile so he comes to you) he has weight loss programs for losing 14lb in 14 days among others. I did the 14lb in 14 days diet & I lost 16lb. A couple of lb does creep back on but with the help of Simon I've managed to keep my loss at a stabe 14lb. He also uses hypnotherapy (fully qualified I asked to see certificates!) I was doubtful about the hypnosis at first to be honest but I really found it did motivate me cos I am useless at sticking to diets or exercise programs. His website is I can pm you his number if you want it but I think its on his webpage. Worth a try! Best of luck!!
murralm Posts: 607
If you dont have the willpower and motivation then your on to a loosing battle,you have to be 100% committed to doing it.i was a size 14-16 over 2 mths ago and am down to a 12 now with ww.i feel fantastic,i have just got myself a personal trainer and my current weight loss is my will to continue.You have to be in the right frame of mind.if you cant do it for the sake of your wedding and for the sake of your photos.then i dont think you will find the willpower/motivation anywhere.i kept putting my weight loss off too. My motivation is that i do not want to look at my wedding photos in years to come and say why didnt i loose weight for the wedding.You pay enough for the photos and if you look at them and think OMG i look fat/or why didnt i toned up my arms etc(my problem area for me was my arms) or are not happy with them and they stay in a box after paying all that money then thats a real shame.but if you think you will be happy looking at them the way you are,then your can be done trust me,i lost a stone in 9 weeks.But you wont be successful if your not committed.My goal is to b a size 10 for my wedding and the way i am going i know its possible beacuse i have that drive and will to do it.when i got engaged i said i wasnt walking down the isle unless i lost my weight and was a size 10.if you "dont want to but you do" then you not ready. good luck xx