Need white umbrellas

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oct06corkbride Posts: 138
Anyone know where I could buy white umbrellas? Too late to order from the net cause were getting married next week. :o)ll ... I'm in Cork. Judging by todays weather i'll need the umbrellas!! Thanks... :lvs
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
Saw them at the wedding fare in the Radisson last week - think it was a company called the Mulberry Tree selling them. They're based in city centre as far as I know. Hope that helps
december29 Posts: 395
Lantz do them, i know they are in dublin but as far as i know you can order them off their website
blondebride08 Posts: 317
Like Snove I was going to say "The Mulberry Tree" - walk along the Coal Quay past the Bodega at the end of the road turn up left, they're along that sidestreet. I was in town on Saturday and they did have two tone "wedding" umbrellas with roses attached to them e.g. black and white, brown and cream etc. Obviously not specifically what you're looking for but they may have some in stock or be able to point you in the right direction. The only other occasion I can think of which merit white umbrellas/parasols are First Communions - might be worth checking if shops which specialise in Communions and other occasionwear stock larger white umbrellas?
oct06corkbride Posts: 138
Just rang the mulberry tree and they have no plain white umbrellas, the two tone are €65 each, seems a bit steep to me!!! Lantz have a few left for €20 each plus postage so might go for that, just bit worried that they get delayed in the post...
Leanne24/05/08 Posts: 100
Debenhams usually do the white wedding umbrellas. Leanne x
blondebride08 Posts: 317
[quote="oct06corkbride":rfeadbpk] Lantz have a few left for €20 each plus postage so might go for that, just bit worried that they get delayed in the post...[/quote:rfeadbpk] Could you request that they're sent by Swiftpost for a little bit extra? I never knew Debenhams did white umbrellas, Leanne - worth knowing for the future! Do they have them in Mahon Point?
Leanne24/05/08 Posts: 100
I dont know. I live in the UK and I have seen them in all the Debenhams I have been to here - I thought Debenhams in Ireland would stock the same. They are usually in the handbag section and I think they're made by tote. I have seen them in white, ivory, silver and gold x
littledolly Posts: 393
I ordered mine from eBay last week and had them the next day. It was a UK supplier, and I am in the north, but I am sure you would get them in a few days if you ordered ASAP. I got 2 big white ones for £15 including postage.
???? Posts: 24
Hi was in debenhams in Mahon Point yesterday and they don't have them either