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Sassy Posts: 2269
Hi girls As most of you will know i am having problems with my AF this month....It hasn't arrived (on day 44) and i'm getting BPN's. :o( :o( So i made an appointment with GP for next monday. I'm just looking for advise on how to regulate my periods. I thought they had, as the last two months where 35 days, but obviously not. O:| O:| I was thinking of looking into acupunture and was wondering if anyone has tried this and whether it worked. Or has anyone found another way? I would also appreciate if anyone can reccommend one on the north side.
NotHere Posts: 10273
Don't know anything about acupuncture, just wanted to say good luck :action32
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Sassy, I know this really is getting you down, so yesterday I had a look at my chart (wasn't really charting but just writing down when AF arrived since I came off the pill in 2005) The first month Jul it was 30 days second mth Aug 41 days I got no AF in September but arrived back in Oct, and then every month after that it was 30-40, until now it came back to 30 days. You’re doing the right thing going to your doc but sometimes it just takes a while (up to 6 mths) for it to come back regular. You can always try acupuncture I have a name of a few if you are in Dublin? Just hang in there even till next Monday and maybe your doc will run some bloods for you. :action32
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Your doc will no doubt give you the best advice. If you'd like to try something complementary you could ask at a good health shop (my local one is brilliant). I know that the herb "agnus castus" is supposed to regulate your hormones and your cycle - you can get it as tablets or drops in any health shop. Good luck!
Sassy Posts: 2269
Babetalk05 i would appreciate it you could give me those numbers. I am based on the northside of dublin but willing to travel. Blackcat can you tell me when do i start taking agnus castus? ( now or wait until i get AF)
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Not sure Sassy - I would imagine you could start it any time - ask in the health shop. No harm mentioning it to your dr. also and definitely if he/she puts you on anything else. Here's some more info about it: Btw you're not supposed to take it while pregnant so anyone on the 2ww or not sure shouldn't take it!
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Pm'd you
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi Something similar happened to me - had no problems with AF until TTC stopped pill last july had 2 32 day cycles and then suddenly period just stopped - went for 96 days... lots of BFN, got blood tests and have a hormone issue, which I am now being treated for. Couple of things I learnt along the way, best to get blood tests to just put your mind at rest, they can do and get results in a week. When I had a scan to check my ovaries the specialist was saying it is very common for women to exeperience post pill ammenorhea, and just not ovulate for a few months, the body needs time to regulate and can take 6 months, also getting your period doesn't mean you ovulated. The doc will sort you out with tests. Agnus Cactus and evening primrose are supposed to be good. I go to a really great acupuncturist who specialises in female fertility can give her info to her if you want - she is in town (Dublin). Don't worry there are loads of reasons your AF is late - and it can all be sorted out. Best of luck :wv