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catfish Posts: 124
Aoibhinn , Aoibheann and Eabhaoin ... We both love A-VEEN but would like to spell it the correct way for pronunciation , I have come across these three versions, all equally as nice but I just dont want to end up with a child called E-VEEN ! We intend on schooling through Irish. Which is the most appropriate way to get A- VEEN ? Now lets hope it's a girl ! Thanks in advance
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Aoibhínn is A-veen IMO Aoibheann is Even (like even stevens) I've never seen the last spelling variant and I wouldn't know how to approach it!
UsineBB Posts: 112
It's a good while since I spoke Irish so I am absolutely willing to be corrected on this by a proper Gaelgóir!! But I think the prononciation is as follows: Aoibhinn = EEE-VEEEN Aoibheann = EEE-VAN Eabhaoin = AY-VEEEN
catfish Posts: 124
See the last version makes sense to me coming from a different angle , Eadaoin = Aideen . I know it's up to us but I'd like to have it somewhat correct! Thanks ladies .
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
I would have thought that Aoibhínn is Ee-veen. The Aoi at the start being similar to that in Aoife. I'd be thinking along similar lines as UsineBB.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
A lot of people seem to go with one of the 'Aoibh' versions and pronounce it Ay-veen, but this isn't really correct and if your child attends a Gaelscoil they'll probably end up pronouncing it as it is spelt (Ee-veen). The two I know with this name both spell it Eimhin, with fadas on the E and the second I.
UsineBB Posts: 112
Yep I'm basing my "Aoi" prononciation on Aoife!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I don't think you are going to get a consensus on this one. After all, there are regional variations on pronunciation in Irish, unlike in English there is no received pronunciation. There is no definitive spelling or pronunciation for many Irish names. Áine is Ahhhh-nya in most places but it is spelled the same but pronounced Enya in Donegal. Sinéad and Siobhán are pronounced Shunid and Shiwaan in Connemara. Con-al or Cunal? I have seen the name Eva spelled as Eabha and Aoibhe. I've seen two Irish teachers disagree over spelling and pronunciation of actual words - not even names. In my class in school we had two girls called Ailbhe, one was Alva and one was Ail-va, the teachers pronounced the name differently in accordance with parental preference. So I wouldn't worry about it too much, you won't be "wrong." The only way to settle it is to have Aoibhín (A-veen) Garrihy duke it out with Aoibhínn (Eve-een or Even?) Ní Shuilleabháin in a "celebrity" death match.
UsineBB Posts: 112
Good call Hbombadero, I'm from Munster so my prononciation would be totally different to someone from Galway or Donegal!
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Enya is pronounced Head-the-ball in Donegal.