Need your opinion re bridesmaid dresses please

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Mikaella Bride Posts: 52
Hi my dress will have a black sash/ribbon on it and the boys are wearing black ties and waistcoats (wedding abroad so no need for jacket). Was just about to order the bridesmaid dresses but they are beige with a champagne trim at the waist....... Do I need to have some black on their dresses or do i need to change my ribbon to beige?? I am a bit of a perfectionist so have to get this right...
beckswhelan Posts: 26
Hey, If it was me, id just go to somewhere like Hickeys and buy black ribbon to put around the bridesmaids dresses to match urs etc? just swap the champagne trim and then match with black shoes? just a thought! Happy planning
flor Posts: 1621
Hi Mikaella Bride, not sure if i have the right picture in my head of how the BM dresses look, but instead of removing the champagne trim from the waist of the dresses, would it be possible instead to tie a narrow ribbon in black over the champagne bit? I think it might incorporate the black in the dresses without looking too matchy matchy IYKWIM? you could also incorporate black in the bouquets - anemones are a gorgeous little flower with a black centre. the come in lots of colours but i think the white version look really great against the black centres. you could tie the bouquet using some black & white ribbon for a kind of preppy look, like these - [attachment=5:2wq1cliv]Whitney and Kyle Wedding142.jpg[/attachment:2wq1cliv] [attachment=4:2wq1cliv]jasmine-ribbon-bows-001h.jpg[/attachment:2wq1cliv] [attachment=3:2wq1cliv]anemones.jpg[/attachment:2wq1cliv] or black and white polkadot also looks lovely Buttonholes - this one is a ranunculus flower which also looks good [attachment=1:2wq1cliv]ranunculus feather bout.jpg[/attachment:2wq1cliv] [attachment=0:2wq1cliv]buttonhole1.jpg[/attachment:2wq1cliv] you could also have them on the cake [attachment=2:2wq1cliv]anemone-cake.jpg[/attachment:2wq1cliv] hope that helps!
Mikaella Bride Posts: 52
Thanks girls for all the advice, I really appreciate it. Don't know how to post the dresses its Alfred Angelo 7044. It has a trim at the bottom as well. I think I will do nothing for a month or two to make sure I am 100% on wearing my black sash. Flor thanks for all the suggestions, fab, I have lots of ideas now if i go down the black route! :thnk