Negotiating inclusions when booking venue

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cuban Posts: 23
Hi guys, seriously considering The Millhouse as my venue and think I'm ready to book. However I was wondering how accepted it is to negotiate and if anyone had any luck negotiating with The Millhouse before. The package itself doesn't include tableplan, centrepieces etc which I'm happy about because I want to DIY it. However I would like to even ask if they can either include champagne or waive the corkage on some bottles of champagne for the toast, as that's not included either. Is this a reasonable thing to ask? Any other advice on what venues may be flexible on? My package includes welcome canapes and drinks, dinner, half a bottle of wine per person and midnight snacks. thanks a mill!
maybride2017 Posts: 232
The Millhouse looks lovely, great choice! Negotiating really depends on what your bringing to the table, if your getting their higher priced menu with a big wedding party then you have more negotiating power as opposed to a smaller wedding party. At a different venue from the Millhouse, my friend negotiated on the price of their corkage, 12E per bottle down to 10E per bottle, I doubt you'll be able to cut it out completely, and she also got some of their midnight snacks for cheaper as well, as these were add on's! I think the most negotiating power and wiggle room seems to be on the add on's, good luck with your booking! :)
cuban Posts: 23
thanks for that! We are having the 'cheapest' package (even though it's by no means cheap!!) but we are having a large wedding so still spending a lot of money. Maybe bringing down the price of corkage will be something they'll go for.
E.Rose Posts: 188
I'd lay my cards on the table and discuss it with them. You won't know unless you ask! The hotel are going to be direct on what can and can't be negociated, so no reason why you can't be direct and ask! All they can do is say no!
Knightsbride Posts: 115
Tbh hotels aren't great at just giving for the sake of it so I would recommend drafting up a wish list and taking it from there. As other posters have said the worst they can say is no! When we were booking our venue we were also looking at another venue which offered a better package but didn't have the space we wanted. We spoke to the wedding co-ordinator and they matched the price which was €6 less per head (we didn't want soup course as we think starter, dinner and dessert is enough!) we also asked for bottled beer as well as prosecco for our reception, fish and chip cones for evening food (which usually costs extra) some alterations to our main menu and reception food, rooms for our parents as well as a suite for the night before the wedding and we got it all at no extra cost. If you don't ask you don't get! Make sure you agree any 'extras' before you pay a deposit as there's no real chance of getting them once you've sealed the deal. Hope this helps!
cuban Posts: 23
thanks guys! the package rate seems to be non negotiable however I'm sending off a wishlist anyway before I book anything in, just want to be totally clear about what I'm signing up to! cheers!