nell mcandrew's"natural and drug free labour"-who

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mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Ok congratulations and all of that but why the big boast"totally drug free" labour comment from her spokesperson on showbiz.Is there a medal for people who put themeselves through that?? Ok I am ratty today and each to their own but the drugs are there and i hate this one upmanship of "I did it with no drugs but you needed help!"-probably all in my own head... :twisted:
charli Posts: 5994
i know - there is a similar attitude to breastfeeding - while i did breastfeed i certainly wasn't vocal - listening to some people talk about those who bottle feed :roll: arrogant and snotty! i just had gas and air and found it wonderful - though i had sid to my doc that if i really wanted one i was having an epi!!just had a fast ish labour and didn't need it
mad woman Posts: 22106
i had loads of drugs on my first, because I went into labour and then had to be sectioned, but when I was in labour I SCREAMED for them and then got out of my head on the morphine afterways AND I bottlefed her...ooooh the shame of it. :lol: i breastfed my 2nd and will never ever do it again!
Its a Secret Posts: 178
TBH I would love to be able to because you hear of risks to Mam and baby and sometimes they can make this more difficult e.g. being numb form the epi and trying to push. I however think drugs are better for the Dad coz the Mam may be less like likley to knock his block off during labour. I know I will end up havin the epi though. At the first twinge I'll be like where's the f****n drugs! I know someone who relied on a tens machine and a birthing ball..... I think she might be canonised at some stage!
Sart Posts: 441
don't kill me but I'm going for the all natural birth! no drugs, no interventions - no doctors even! just a midwive. the way i look at it is mother nature designed my body to give birth and you just have to go with the flow. Apparently you heal much quicker afterwards too. I'll be breast feeding too. MN gave me boobs for feeding not for Dh to play with! thats just the bonus! :D well thats my plan :D who knwos what will actually happen! Every woman has to do it the way she feels comfortable and no celebrity can tell her otherwise.
mad woman Posts: 22106
yeah but sometimes its not about the way you would like, if I hadnt had a section on my 1st, both me and her could be dead because my pelvis isnt big enough
over the moon Posts: 676
Well I'm not going to predict what will happen when I go into labour. Would love to have baba naturally but if I end up having a section, then so be it and I won't be getting all stressed out about it. Will go with whatever is best for the baby at that time. However, I have decided that I won't be breastfeeding, purely because I believe that us women have it hard enough with carrying a baba for nearly 10 months & giving a labour and if we're lucky enough to have a partner or husband around well then we should share the load. A new baba doesnt need a mammy that is stressed and tired to the hilt because there breastfeeding. Have seen to many of my friends do it and change to bottlefeeding. Very few of my friends enjoyed the breastfeeding. I know there is pro's & con's for both but that is just my opinion. [url=][img:2e9iapwf][/img:2e9iapwf][/url:2e9iapwf]
stinky Posts: 606
Hi, Can I ask a breastfeeding question? BTW I'm not ttc or pg I just obsess over these things 'cos I can't wait to get married and finally start trying. I would not like to breast feed - I agree with the tired stressed out mammy thing. Can you not express your milk and feed it to the baby in a bottle or is this just completely unrealistic? Also I know that H2B is dying to have babies and I know he would want to be involved in feeding etc which he can't do if I breastfeed. On the drugs issue - I went through a stage of watching every maternity programme on Discovery channel so I have seen many births and I will be requesting drugs if I am ever lucky enough to need them! There is no shame in it as far as I'm concerned. Fair play to anyone who made it throught without them!
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi Stinky, You can suit yourself with breastfeeding and express into a bottle if you want someone else to help feeding.My friend's didn't find the expressing easy and so just breastfed but then the baby aged 6 months refused to even get used to a bottle so it was a big ordeal getting him off the breast.I will do both I reckon.Express and try breastfeeding.But if I don't manage it I won't torture myself about it!!
ros Posts: 749
People romanticise breastfeeding. It's wonderful for some and horrible for some, and for others it is just okay. Yes, you can express as long as it works for you and there's no reason why it shouldn't once you have and established supply of milk. I breastfeed and have been for 6 weeks and believe me, I'm still learning. It is not easy and sometimes it's bloody agony and I've had a lactation consultant come round to try and help me. I have a great milk supply so feel it would be a waste not to avail of it, but if the latching on thing doesn't get better (have terrrrrrrrible blisters on my nipples) I'm throwing my hat at it. Some of my friends had a wonderful experience breastfeeding and others didn't even try it. I think it's completely up to each individual. I'm giving myself 2 more weeks as one of my girlfriends said that it only gets easier afer 6-8 weeks.... we shall see.