Nervous groom vs the photographer

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kellybob Posts: 256
Hi, i've posted this in Vendors & Suppliers too :-8 My h2b hates having his photo taken and would happily do without the photographer on the day, but i definitely want photos to look back on. I don't want him to be uncomfortable on the day so i'm looking for advice on the style of photographer to chose. Should we go for reportage style and just let the photographer snap away?? I think all the posing would be too painful for him but at the same time i don't want to lose out on the classic wedding photos either. As you can tell i'm quite confused by it all :-8 I'd welcome some words of widom from other brides and photographers. Thanks
Crostini Posts: 1105
your h2b will be fine. I think what happens is that they imagine it's going to be way worse than it actually is. they think they'll feel silly and will spend hours having to pose. realistically you will most probably want some traditional shots. like for instance you and him with the parents or bridal party etc. the rest the photographer you choose, can just do the reportage thing and snap away. you'd probably get away with about 20 minutes of traditional shot taking if you make sure your photographer knows how you h2b hates photos. also make sure you and the H2b meet the photographer before hand. choose one you both get on with. that'll put his mind at ease!. pm me if you want a recommendation.
momentsvideos Posts: 430
One option is to get all of the family shots done in the church and then tell the photographer to go reportage all the way after that. If your groom is told that 30 minutes will be spent on posed photos MAX, then he probably won't mind so much. Let the best man, bridesmaid etc round up the people who need to be in the photos and it should be all over fairly quickly. I hear the same about video, and to be honest it is very easy to shoot video without people knowing. You end up with better more natural results and people are happier.