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Kazza08 Posts: 219
Howdy doody, Anyone else feel like a bit of a pleb putting up a post for the first time?? Have been looking at the site for weeks now and just decided to go for it! Getting married in 8 weeks, no major hick-ups really apart from the singer cancelling last week, best man having a frickin' melt down and pulling out of the wedding, my mam completely disagreeing with anything I choose and trying to change it! oh and I have to have a root canal done 2 days before my hen which is next week! :o0 :o0 so all's going to plan then!
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Welcome and enjoy :o)ll :o)ll
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
welcome sounds like you are having a reletively easy time so far so!!!!!
Kazza08 Posts: 219
Gracias! Apart from the odd rant have just been gettin on with it. We set out to 'try' and have as relaxed a wedding as possible and we've achieved that, it's the people all around us that are creating the most fuss. So how are all your plans going?
TickledPink Posts: 338
Hi! That was a great first post! It sounds like you have it all pretty much done - have you managed to find a new singer? Did the best man get his act together or is there a stand in going to take over?? Your mum does not sound all that unusual from some of the previous posts on here! I have a good while to go until the big day - I have the basics done - hotel, string quartet, and just confirmed my church on Tuesday! Thrilled. Lets us know how you get on with the hens!
05/09 Bride Posts: 397
Hiya! I'm new to this too. Logged on during the week. I've a good bit to go too. Not getting married until May next year. Trying to keep it as stress free too but is that possible :o0 My bridesmaid headed off Wednesday for a year so finding that a bit stressful. Have pickout out dress but don't think she'll be home until week of wedding so hopefully it will fit.
Kazza08 Posts: 219
Well best man was h2b's only brother and will not bore you with all the details, just boils down to complete selfishness (and the fact that he's a mentler! :eek ) So he asked his best mate, needless to say he feels a bit strange about doing it, as he knows his brother, but has agreed to do the job. Did get a singer but is costing twice the price of the original one which is a bit of a bummer given budgets and all that jazz but sure what can ye do. 05/09 - not the easiest of situations to be in, but know a few who have organsied BM's from overseas etc and another friend's sis won't be home til the week of the wedding so your not alone, though you have my sympathy. As for the stress, I've been keeping a very realistic view on things, didn't go crazy on the budget etc., and have found that going to your happy place when others annoy/stress you works well. :xxx
Kazza08 Posts: 219
Ooops not sure how that little smilie fella ( :xxx ) fits in there... think I need some grub!
05/09 Bride Posts: 397
Thanks Kazza. All I need to do is forget about it till she gets home and hope it's ok. Ya we're trying to keep the budget low too but everything adds up. It will all be worth it :o)ll