Nervous to ask.... but do yo like my dress?

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mrsbuster Posts: 36
Hi all, Having never had very romantic notions of weddings, finding a dress hasnt been easy. But I have found THE ONE. I love accessories, and I am having a beautiful headpiece made with lace & white feathers. I am thinking I would like to wear lace gloves also, but I am conscious of over accessorising. What you think?
LastRolo Posts: 6892
TBH it wouldn't be my cup of tea. Sorry.
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
+ 1 to Last Rolo wouldn't be for me but you obviously love it so congrats on finding the perfect dress for you :o)ll weddings would be very boring if we all wore the same dress!! definitely would be careful of over-accessorising. with the head piece it sounds as if the gloves might be a bit too much.
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
I think it's stunning! :lvs
rebeccahaslam Posts: 4
It is gorgeous and elegant. I am sure you will look stunning. headpiece sounds fantastic. Only way to know if gloves are also too much.. is to try them on together. Are you wearing a necklace? if so, gloves might be out! Enjoy wearing that dress..... your opinion is the only one that counts anyway, because you are the one who will look back at the photos and be delighted :) x B
jams Posts: 368
I think its gorgeous too... I can see why the girls would kinda be unsure cause its i very statement style, the way you described with the feather headpiece & gloves n stuff. but i reckon it would be totally WOW! .. I love it as well with the strap??! [img:1toiwsjy][/img:1toiwsjy]
fizzgig Posts: 501
I think its Oscar worthy.. BeautIful gown - very glam, you will be FAB :lvs
errigal08 Posts: 1302
beautiful dress,very classy i like it better with the strap,your head piece sounds lovely but maybe the gloves would be to much :-8
aston Posts: 4100
Absolutely beautiful dress! I love it! Mine was fairly fitted too and it will feel amazing! Love the idea of a head piece too. My sis is getting married soon and has chosen a 'different' dress too and it is so elegant and amazing on! Enjoy the day and good luck with it :wv
DipDab Posts: 1172
Absolutely stunning dress, very classic and elegant.