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MrsM11 Posts: 91
Hi all, We have received a Brown Thomas voucher a wedding present and I'm thinking of investing in a Nespresso machine. Just did a bit of online investigating and any in the €99-€150 price range seem to just say they make "Espresso / Lungo", Lungo seems to be a more watery espresso from what I've read online, but can I make Lattes / Cappuccinos with these machines, or is it only the more expensive ones that can make these? Would be delighted with any advice, thanks! :wv
leyenda Posts: 9
Hi, Every so often they do special offers where you get a nespresso machine and aeroccino (milk frother) together It warms the milk for a latte or froths it for a cappuccino. You use the 'lungo' capsules for this. Of course you can heat the milk yourself but it only tales a few secs with the aeroccino. We got ours for about 157euro. Wouldn't be without it.
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Hiya..... I have a Nespresso machine and believe me, they are just fantastic. No muss and none of the fuss that normally go with coffe macchines because the Pods are totally user friendly. Lungo is coffee. The smaller machines just make straight up coffee and espresso. The more expenisve machine comes with a milk foamer so that you can make Lattes, Cappucinos and Iced Coffees. I went with the more expensive one and am glad I did as its nice to have the option even though I usually just drink black coffee. Only negative is that you are tied to Nespresso to get the pods. The service is good though. I order in bulk online and it is delivered within about 3 days. You won't be sorry that you invested in one of these machines if you are any sort of a coffee head.
MrsM11 Posts: 91
Hi Leyanda, Thanks for the reply, so lungo, is just like a cup of black coffee?? That sounds like a great price, did you get it on special offer with the milk frother, for that price? Thanks :wv
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
I was going to purchase a nespresso machine but i dont like the idea of having to use pods all the time... plus they are very expensive and must be bought online or in BT or house of fraser etc.. and you must purchase nespresso pods... no other pod will fit... if you want to make cappuccinos etc you have to buy: here's what we did buy two weeks ago instead and love it!! you can use any coffee... and it froths the milk for cappuccino / latte etc... its fab :lvs cost us €165 in Red you can use any ground coffee etc Best of luck :o)ll
leyenda Posts: 9
I got mine in Powercity for I think around 161 euro a year ago and I bought another one for my brother in Debenhams last week for 157 euro - similar to this Was waiting a while for them to come up on special offer. Don't know about BT's but I'm sure they must do similar packages.
Diamonds and Pearls Posts: 118
I would definitely recommend getting a Nespresso machine. I love mine :lvs . As other posters have mentioned it is very user friendly and I love the coffee! What you can do is buy a Nespresso machine that just makes black coffee and buy the milk foamer separately. I have the version that you are looking at as I wouldn’t be into cappuccino’s or latte’s. I bought my mum the more expensive one and she loves the cappuccino’s it makes. I don’t really know about specials on the milk foamers but I do know when you are making your first purchase of capsules in BT they tend to give you a “special” price and you can get a nice case to hold all your pods too. In Kildare village they tend to have the Nespresso machines on special too.
MrsM11 Posts: 91
Thanks soooo much everyone for all of that great advice! I'm going to wait until after the wedding just in case I get one as a gift! If not, will be definitely heading to buy one! :wv
fxsometimesoon Posts: 432
My DH reckons its the best appliance we ever purchased! Loves his coffee :o0