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PortugalBride01 Posts: 13
Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:26 pm Just wanted to advise anyone looking for bridesmaid dresses not to go to the shop Dresses4Heaven in Ballymount, Dublin. Can't stress enough how horrible they were to deal with. I could write pages but I'll narrow it down!! 1. Owner Justin is not a pleasant man. Eyed us all up and down like pieces of meat, not in a nice friendly way- instead of measuring us and guessed our sizes. 2. Told us we'd all have to wear Spanx (all size 8-10) and said he'd have to see if we could pull off the dresses. 3. Told one bridesmaid that lives in London that she 'must fly in first thing in the morning and come to the shop for alterations and all would be done in one day because the dress cannot leave the shop without my approval.' We did this and he was not there, seamstress knew nothing about it and could not do it and then tried to tell us on the phone that it was not necessary. Backed down when I reminded him it was all his idea. Myself and the London bridesmaid both took the day off work to do this and he never even showed up. 4. He cancelled three appointments at the last minute for various reasons- seamstress granny dying over in Spain, seamstress was sick and seamstress left the keys of the shop in her friends house and friend went to Spain so shop could not open. 5. All were lies- my other friend was in the shop with him while he made these phone calls. He was just too busy. 6. Dresses weren't altered in the way we asked. 7. Took over a month to collect them from him because he is so poorly organised. 8. You can only make an appointment online so even if he cancels it you have to go online to make a new one. 9. Every time i was there someone was complaining in person and on the phone. Not the service you are paying for or would expect. Dresses are also very expensive and the whole experience adds more stress to a time where you don't need it! Hope this saves even one person the annoyance of dealing with Justin and his shop!
A.B164 Posts: 1
I totally agree!! my daughter got her debs dress here and the service was terrible and not worth the money at all. the worst part about our experience was the last appointment which was booked for 9:00 and they didn't open until 9:40 it was just after Christmas and the seamstress looked at my daughter wearing the dress and said "it must have been Christmas" insinuating the dress was a bit snug on her. we took the dress home only to notice a few stains and the lining was ripped and looked as if it wasn't even touched with thread and she could have easily got her heels caught in it. we went back up that night and complained the dress was 450 and was very overpriced in my opinion and also was not altered properly.