never rains but it pours!! :( just need a rant!

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mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Ugh, do ya ever feel like just getting into bed and not getting back up again!!! O:| O:| well at least until payday again which isnt for agggggeeeesssss!!! got paid Friday...had to get new glasses on sat €220 Was out sick last month for a week so down wages, Doc today and antibiotics €70 car tax up since th 1st... dh insurance and tax up end this month! I know there are worse off ppl than me but just wanted a moan!!
happieout Posts: 3111
i hear you.. the bills keep on rolling in.. don't let it bring you down though. Hope you feel better soon, on the antibiotics myself too, waiting for them to kick in!
maltabride2011 Posts: 987
urgh I know what you mean Mrswifey, the money comes in and just seems to fly out straight away. there isn't a month goes by when I'm not broke by the end of it, it's all the unexpected things that get in the way. hope those antibiotics make u feel better soon. :thnk
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Know how you feel pet.... insurance, tax due this month.... house insurance due next month.... just trying not to think about it anymore and just get on with it. It's depressing me when I sit down and really think about it!!