Hi everyone, My apologies for this post, if this is not allowed, the admin may remove this post. Well, because I'd like to start my own business I have to do research first, because people might not be interested in my product. It is NOT that I am trying to sell my product here, I know that is against the rules and I haven't started my business yet so I can't sell anyway yet. The idea is to design personalized mailbox boxes. What boxes, you ask? Well, boxes with a personalized design that fit through the mailbox. The occaciens can go from birthdays, to Christmaspresents and, of course, wedding inventations! For the outside of the box you can choose between various standard designs, or you can give me your wishes and I will design a personal box for you. Inside I can add a picture you want and your message. Gifts are optional: like a tiny corsage for the invited women and a handkachief for the invited men which they need to show at the doors of your venue. Plenty of possibilities and shipping is worldwide. As I said above, I need to know if there is enough interest by people around the world, before I can start this company, therefor I ask you to fill in a little survey, which takes just 5 minutes of your time. https:// nl.surveymonkey. com/r/MPPNSMZ Many thanks in advance, Aislin