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the secret history Posts: 7
Hi Guys, Just found out I was pregnant night before last and went to the doctors last night. Because my cycles can be very unpredictable and it was quite early the doctor seemed quite dubious when i told him and that I've been sick all day, every day since last week (Last week I would have been 3 weeks since last cycle and 2 weeks since I know that I conceived) he suggested that I prob had a virus that's going around and that he would do a test but anything that came up would be faint as it was early - (It was 28 days but I wasn't due until at least 33) Anyway he tested my sample and was very surprised at how high the levels of hcg were, said there was no doubt that I was pregnant and said that based on high levels of hormone so early and my advanced and heavy symptoms he wouldn't be surprised if twins. Then I told him that my mum's brothers are twins and my dh dad and uncle are twins. He was just laughing! Any opinions on this? I'm just totally shell shocked with everything that's happening that I don't know what to think, head is very fuzzy! Secondly can anyone tell me if the Coombe have a Domino scheme? I have my letter for there and I'm bringing it down today, how do I get info? When do I go back to my doctor? Will the hospital tell me? Do I tell them today what I want to do? Also my friend suggested that I take prenatal nutrients with folic acid, doctor said just folic acid but I bought the solgar pre natals anyway. They have 400mg of folic acid in them already so should I just stick with that? Or should I get more folic acid to supplement- can you take too much? Anything else I should be doing? Can't think straight and normally I'm so organised and together! Sorry about long message, just need support from people who know what they are doing!!! xxx
rosiemama Posts: 3363
hi just wanted to say congratulations! can't help with twins, or domino scheme, but 400mg in the prenatal vitamins should be fine, that is what i took throughout. enjoy the next 8 months!
MrsFitz Posts: 162
First of all congrats to you and DH Just found out ourselves on sat that we are pregnant Im going to my gp tomorrow and will be asking about the prenatal supplements - vitabotics Wellwoman Pregnacare are the ones i was looking at, they have folic acid in them too. The recommended daily dose of folic acid is 400 micrograms. To be honest i still cant believe it - i feel its almost too good to be true But fingers crossed everything will work out ok in the end
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
a lot of girls think theyre having twins at first, including myself, big history of twins in my family but its just the one in there, you wont know for sure until you have your scan. did you check the coombe website to see if they have domino?
the secret history Posts: 7
Yes I checked and couldn't make sense of it, was some info on going home early and having visits from the midwives but nothing about the rest of the Domino scheme. When do I have to let them know what I'm going to do? Thanks. Also it's not that I necessarily feel like I'm having twins, it was just the doctor's observations based on how I'm progressing, it's a pity we have to wait so long to find out our destiny! PS Thanks for the congrats everyone.
Handymammy Posts: 1086
No Coombe don't have a domino scheme- well as far as I know anyway! But if you live near Naas you can do all your visits in the hospital there instead of going to Coombe and the waiting times are supposed to be much quicker. Can only avail of this option when going public or private though. You have to go to Coombe if you going semi-private. This option not available for me though as don't live close enough to Naas, but at my first visit to hospital was asked if I wanted to go to the midwives service in Lucan for my visits. I probably will, as I have heard good things about midwife clinics. I am going to go to the first consultant visit in Coombe in a few weeks and will tell him then that I want to go to midwife clinic. Don't know much about it yet, but don't think they send you home earlier after birth like the Domino scheme
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
secret history, they should be able to tell you if you have multiple fetus as early as 7weeks so you dont need to wait very long, ring the private scan place and ask
snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi , Congrats, not sure about domino but check website, my friend there, ill ask her.. how did doc check hcg level without taking blood sample? i thought this is how they check hcg levels?
Herry Posts: 84
Hi Secret History, congratulations! I knew I was pg a week before I could test test due to symptoms and also had very high HCG. I have had a scan and not twins (I had been forewarned it could be), but the high HCG has caused serious ms with me (though hopefully won't with you). Non-identical twins sometimes run in families but only through your maternal side. Identical twins do not run in families. You could try to get an early scan at 7/8 weeks and you'll definitely know. I'd start on pregnacare/clonfolic and try to keep yourself hydrated if you are getting sick a lot. Even if feeling ill, try to eat dry foods, bread, pasta, any high carb foods and avoid drinking a lot while you are eating. You might try drinking non-citrus juices, skimmed milk, flat 7up/coke/ginger ale might help. As for domino, I know Holles Street and Rotunda have it but haven't heard of the Coombe having it. I'd ring up the public clinic and ask if I was you. Anyway, the best of luck for a very happy, healthy 9 months!
Herry Posts: 84
Hi Snuggler, clearblue digital (the one with number of weeks on it) tests for different levels of HCG in urine to calculate weeks. The hospital also do tests on strips that must indicate levels as I was told I'd very high levels but never had bloods taken.