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hoganstand Posts: 2
hi girls im not new to wol, i have been a member under a different name, but i just want to kind of be anon about this. i just recently got married, and we didnt really want to have children or get pregnant before our first year together. however, i have been on the pill coming up to 9 years now, and as a result i have developed a hole in my cervix. i have been to see a consultant and he said i dont need laser treatment, but would advise changing pill as we plan to have kids and laser wouldnt be advisable. but the thought of changing my pill and starting to find a new one for just a few more months would drive me insane. you see im in my late 20s and cause im on the pill for so long, im wondering will it take me a year or more to conceive or will i conceive straight away. its like when your younger you dont want to get pregnant but when you get married its like will i ever get pregnant. im sorry for the waffle, i just needed to get it off my chest, to see if anyone has been through the same. ta
missc Posts: 875
Havent really been through same but i was on pill for 8yrs straight and it took us 18mt to get pregnant. it always seems to be that the women who want to be pregnant cant do it easily. We were delighted that we started trying so long before our wedding. I think you should consider coming off pill, you can always use other protection for a few months anyway. HTH :thnk
silíní Posts: 4219
I would also consider coming off it. I came off mine about three years ago as i just got sick of being on it for so long. We just used condoms for the three years, yuck, but i never even had a scare! It can take a good while for your system to get back to itself after so long on the pill too.... But i know of some girls on here who got preg 1=3 months off it so it can happen more quickly than you might imagine! I thought it would take me years as i had endometriosis and it happened accidentally when we had ONE night of unprotected sex after a few drinks!!!!
sunshiniest Posts: 303
I came off the pill after 8+ish years and conceived straight away although I was trying (albeit haphazardly) to avoid it if possible for a few months. I came off the pill as we were planning on having kids soonish and I was expecting it to take a while for things to get back to normal. While every individual is different don't take it for granted that it will take you any length after coming off the pill, it can happen straight away. Hope this helps! Best of luck *)
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Hi I had cervical erosion (sp) from the pill I waited until we where married until I came off the pill and it took us 18months to conceive. On saying that my SIL had endometrois and she conceived after being off the pill for 3months.
hoganstand Posts: 2
hi girls thank you so much for replying. its great to get feedback, from those of us in simaliar circs' i think im going to come off the pill when i finish my month, because of the errosion its really begining to hurt having sex, and its starting to put me off. which isnt great either. so i think its condoms for us. god i hate buying the damn things, ill have to go to some chemist in afar away land, so no one sees me buying them :-8 thanks once again for all your feedback. wol girls are the best. :thnk