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SushiSnow Posts: 185
Hi all :wv A friend of mine will be having her first baby in a few weeks. I want to make up a hamper for her as a gift. I'll include stuff for her to pamper herself (if she ever has time :o0 ), but as I don't have kids, could you advise what bits for the baba would be appreciated. I don't want her to end up with a big basket of stuff she won't need. Thanks
Daff Posts: 11644
no baby lotions and potions! especially johnsons and johnsons. Sucha marketing ploy, but they're not recommended on LO's skin at all. Not even wipes are recommended, just cotton wool and cool boiled water. We did used to put Silcocks base into bath - this is brilliant so would recommend cause it can be used for dry skin etc too. Also same on talc, it gets into LO's lungs so shouldn't be used. trying to think what can be :o0 tesco do brilliant wrap around vests. Babies hate having things put over their heads to these are great - H&M do them too but think in gender colours while Tesco's are just white with a grey trim. A nuetral grobag? 1.5 tog for summer - you can get them in Tesco or Dunnes and are about a tenner and are brilliant. Muslins that you can get in Tescos too. BIbs - you can never ever have enough bibs! neutral vests and babygrows (or if you konw gender obviously go for that!) people always buy outfits for LO's that enver get worn, babies spend most of their time in babygros. I've no dryer so had to buy loads cause they spew on them and get changed a lot. small pack of nappy sacks for the changing bag. Baby brush and nail scissors? medicines! While they can't use them til 2/3 months, they are great to have in house cause you usually discover you need them at 3am when LO is sick adn crying and no chemist is open! some would be: * calpol (use from 2 months) * nurofen (use from 3 months) * little noses (from birth, this is a saline nasal spray and snot sucker thing :o0 newborns often get bunged up so is really haandy to have as they breathe through their noses) * silcocks base - as mentioned above * snufflerub - basically vicks vaporub for babies, think it's from two months *Karvol capsules * teetha sachets - homepathic powder for teething Also some chemists have started selling Sophie the Giraffe or you can get in bellababy or online - AMAZING!!! it's a rubber giraffe for teething that's been around for 50 years. DD loved hers and we'd ahve been lost without it.
i want one Posts: 2893
i made one recently for a friend of mine. i put the following in it was huge i must say. small toy for baby baby blanket a cute slogan baby vest a card for mammy and daddy calpol (a cd came free with nursery rhymes) dummy muslin squares cotton wool wipes shampoo baby oil baby bath naturals body lotion a beaker weaning pots spoons bowls. all things u wont buy but are handy to have when u need em. could also put hand held blender but she had one. teetha teething rings a bath mitt baby towel flip flops for mom for showers in hospital brush and comb baby scissors bath thermometer. caldensene powder nappy bags i cant remember what else was in there but it was pretty full. u could put mini shower gel in and lip gloss for the mom.
SushiSnow Posts: 185
That's great!! Thank you so much, I didn't have a clue. I'll be off with my list tomorrow. :thnk :thnk :thnk
MrsSoprano Posts: 507
I want one- I would love a friend like you! Sounds like that hamper was chocka block!!! :) Get some bandana bibs for the hamper. BEST THING EVER!!
lush11 Posts: 2877
My cousin gave me one recently as im due tomorrow and along with all the normal nappies, babygros, lotions and a few toys she put a 'baby on board sign for the car which we actually didnt have so thats another thing to put in it. She also put in a natural baby sponge which i didnt have and a cool fish mitt for washing babs. Cant really think what else but it was a great home made hamper and i'd def recommend someone to do it for a friend.