new battery or phone?

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Shrub Posts: 956
hiya, have a nokia phone which is going great but the battery is starting to play up :o( Should i just get a new battery(how much do these cost?) or would i be better off getting a new phone altogether? thanks :thnk
NowGone Posts: 8042
New phone. New batteries are quite expensive.
dreamer Posts: 3941
Definitely a new phone! You'll have to change it again anyway - they don't make phones or batteries to last anymore!!
Shrub Posts: 956
Thanks guys, will look into it :thnk
happywife Posts: 1575
definitely new phone - i went onto to buty €30 credit and they had a sale so had a look and got lovely nokia for €59 with €120 free credit - cant go wrong with that really - ordered it around 4pm on a wednesday and had it at 9am the next morning - happy days