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samcro Posts: 738
I've been told not to use any shampoo, bath bubbles or talcum powder on new borns - so just wondering what do you use instead? Are there any other products/items not to use on babies??
keyra Posts: 801
Ideally, you're not supposed to use baby wipes on new borns either. In the hospital we were told to use cotton wool and warm water and it worked fine.
samcro Posts: 738
[quote="keyra":9swuk8mq]Ideally, you're not supposed to use baby wipes on new borns either. In the hospital we were told to use cotton wool and warm water and it worked fine.[/quote:9swuk8mq] That was the only one I was aware of and I've stocked up on the Water Wipes for use when they're a bit older.
Salander Posts: 1639
J&J products tend to bring newborns out in rashes! i used aquaeus cream or silcocks base as a soap/wash for dd. just smush some on your hand or sponge and rub onto wet skin then rinse off. warm water and cotton wool for the bum. I found cotton wool rounds or pads much easier than balls or the roll of cotton wool - these tend to clump and leave little bits all over there bum!
Daff Posts: 11644
Their skin is so soft and delicate they really don't need much for the first while. We just used silcocks base. I had a bowl of cooled boiled water with some silcocks in it for nappy changes. If stuck when out would have extra sensitive wipes - and used them for the merconium, will do the same this time cause it's disgusting! But til DD was 6 months we used nothing else like baby bath, talc etc. We just put a little silcocks in the bath water. When we did start using other stuff I noticed her skin starting to get dry so we alternate now. I try to use the baby bath when she's really dirty - whish they aren't for first few months. It's only now she'll come back in from garden after eating dirt O:| The talc shouldn't be used cause it goes into their lungs. I only started using it when DD was about 9 months and it was winter and wanted to make sure that she was dried properly in all her creases cause of the cold. You'll save a fortune by not using all the products!
Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
The water wipes are BRILLIANT & a lifesaver- no faffing around with cooled boiled water & cotton wool. We have used Burt's Bees Baby Bee products from the very beginning & find them great. The one time when we were away & had to borrow J&J stuff, DD came out in a terrible rash which has only cleared up fully in the past week or so. Burt's Bees is excellent but a bit pricey, but definitely worth it IMO.
samcro Posts: 738
Thanks a million for your replies - I was always wary of using J&J products. We bought it for my DH's godson when he was born not realising how bad it was for their skin and it's still sitting in their baby's room 2yrs later :-8 :o0 oops! I must get a tub of the aqueous cream so - any difference between that and silcocks base?
Momof2 Posts: 3884
I've always used J&J /Infacare on DS until he got older (now use Sanex Kids) and he has perfect skin if I say so myself :-8 I've heard this a few times on here but I guess its like lots of choices we make down to personal preference. I don't think J&J would still be in business if their products caused such widespread irritation.
pixiebell Posts: 739
I got j&j products my sisters used them and have no probs....just wondering how long is a baby considered a new born for? :-8
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I was planning on using the water wipes from day one, will i have a fight on my hands with the midwives???